UltSpace Grand Opening, Aiming to Support Young Entrepreneurs

June 15 16:06 2022

UltSpace, a co-working space provided by Shuoyu Yu, aims to support students with their career paths and entrepreneurship.

UltSpace Announced today the Grand Opening of its Irvine office, hosted by Junyan Yu, the Student Safety Ambassador of the USOSU. City Mayor of Fullerton Fred Jung, City Mayor of Irvine Farrah N. Khan, Vice City Mayor of Irvine Tammy Kim, Founder of UltSpace & USEA Shuoyu Yu, Founder of USOSU and COO of Easyfind Company Yuzhou Wu, Chief Producer of Cali’s Flipped Zhihao Dong, Chief Producer of Coast of Sound Xiaoqi Zhou, Executive Producer of Easyfind Pictures Kouxiao Zhang, Founder of Ehelp Te Liu, Founder of Easypet & AACA Zilin Chai, Vice President of Chinese Elite Consortium Lang Zhou, Secretary of USOSU Zhilei Xia, Event Planning Director of USOSU Zhengxin Liu, Business Relations Director of USOSU Wanying Wu and Yuanting Deng were invited to this Grand Opening. 

Founder of UltSpace Shuoyu Yu, US Overseas Student Union, US E-Commerce Association, Easyfind Company, and Global Store Supply co-planed and sponsored this event. More than forty outstanding young entrepreneurs came to support and witnessed the opening ceremony of UltSpace! UltSpace aims to encourage creativity from the young generation, incubate entrepreneurship, uplift young entrepreneurs to a larger stage, and finally make the world a better place through these innovative ideas!

Mayor of Irvine Farrah N. Khan said, “UltSpace’s mission statement aligns with everything that the city of Irvine is doing, making sure everyone has an equal playing field, and making sure that opportunities are available to everyone. This is exactly the vision that my colleagues and I have on the Irvine City Council. With Community collaboration, anything is possible. For all the US Overseas Student Union members it is so important for us to know that you are going to be succeeding here as well, for you to be able to start something new and make sure that everyone understands it starts in the city of Irvine. We want to make sure that we are as supportive as possible, so reach out to us if we can be of any help or assistance. Please know that we are cheering you on because your success means our success and that’s what I’m looking forward to seeing all the success stories are going to come out of UltSpace.”

Mayor of Fullerton Fred Jung said, “your generation is going to be the smartest, it’ll be the most educated, you’ll be the generation that believes in equality more than any other generation. you will see Justice faster and you will do things and revolutionize the industry and this world in a manner that my generation could never do. I have great faith in all of the young generation and spaces like this where all of you can gather, pull ideas together, discuss and have these back and forth interactions with one another, which is critical, so I’m here to support all of you!”

“As a young entrepreneur myself, I have personally experienced so much hardship to get my E-commerce business started.” Founder of UltSpace Shuoyu Yu said, “In my humble opinion, entrepreneurship is all about doing what others aren’t willing to do. I came up with the idea to start UltSpace, the goal is to bring people together, and provide a free co-working space to help everyone to be more connected. UltSpace is a coworking space for all the potential young entrepreneurs to reach their ultimate dreams and goals. I hope young entrepreneurs will develop and discuss their unique ideas in UltSpace. Also, the UltSpace will open up for all the US Overseas Student Union members, helping them achieve their startup plan and many excellent projects.”

“Easyfind Company initially served as the exclusive sponsor of the US Overseas Student Union, to help the Union grow and expand.” President of USOSU and COO of Easyfind Company Yuzhou Wu said,  “ Thanks to Shuoyu Yu, the founder of UltSpace, USOSU members can utilize a fantastic co-working office in the city of Irvine to encourage entrepreneurship.Easyfind Company provides all the USOSU members with entrepreneurial counseling and assistance in various fields from the beginning. Easyfind Company will work together with UltSpace to assist the US Overseas Student Union cultivate more outstanding talents and incubate entrepreneurship!”

Executive Producer of Easyfind Pictures Kouxiao Zhang said, “as one of the earliest entrepreneurs of Easyfind Pictures, I deeply understand the difficulties of student startups, which makes me understand how significantly helpful UltSpace can be for the new generation of student entrepreneurs. In the future, Easyfind Pictures will work closely with UltSpace to help student business in culture and creativity. We will provide professional guidance and support in advertising, video, film, and TV production to help student innovators fully utilize their creativity and talents and incubate more creative IP and content.”

Student Safety Ambassador Junyan Yu said, “I was very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in and preside over the establishment of UltSpace through the US Overseas Student Union. The establishment of UltSpace will help more young entrepreneurs with their dreams and startups continue entrepreneurial growth. Also, with UltSpace, Young entrepreneurs will have a safe and comfortable environment to achieve success in their life!”

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