Tree Experts Orlando Helps Homeowner Replace Non-Native Trees with Native Trees

June 21 20:52 2022

Orlando, Florida – About 10 years after planting trees on his landscape, Kelvin Julius finally decided to get rid of the trees. This decision came after years of trying to improve the health of the trees without succeeding. The trees always looked sickly and he had lost more than 5 trees already.

When the family contacted Tree Experts Orlando, a local tree care company,” said Kelvin Julius, “the company’s arborist confirmed that the trees will never have maximum health. He noted that the trees would continue losing their health and most of them would end up dead in a few years. The arborist suggested replacing the current trees with native trees.”

The arborist reportedly told Kelvin Julius that the trees he had initially chosen for his landscape were not native to this part of California. The trees were too susceptible to diseases that native trees would easily deal with. What’s more, most of the trees the homeowner had planted on his landscape were incapable of handling the dry weather in Orlando.

Removing the trees after struggling with them for so long was a tough decision,” said Kevin. “However, the family did want to have an aesthetically appealing landscape. Therefore, even though the decision was tough, it had to be made.”

Kevin reportedly hired Tree Experts Orlando for the tree removal procedure. The homeowner had asked around and realized that the company had more than just years of experience—its team of tree removal professionals also owned advanced tree maintenance gear.

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While not all trees were in risky positions,” said Kelvin, “some of the trees were standing next to important utilities. These utilities included the main house, the garage, and the swimming pool. When looking for a company to handle the tree removal procedure, the goal was to get a team that would bring down the trees without causing damage to any of these utilities.”

Tree Experts Orlando reportedly started working on the trees yesterday. The company went above and beyond on the tree maintenance procedure. In less than a combined total of 20 hours, the company had managed to remove all the trees.

The company removed both the trees and the stumps,” said Kelvin. “The goal of doing this was to ensure that the replanting process would be easy.”

When the homeowner mentioned that he wanted to replace the removed trees as soon as possible, Tree Experts Orlando asked him whether he would like the team to prepare planting holes. The homeowner asked the amount he would be charged for the planting holes before giving the company a go-ahead. When the company confirmed that the price would be more than affordable, the team immediately went to work.

The team’s arborist prepared an entire list of the trees that would be ideal for Orlando,” said Kelvin. “He then asked the family to choose the trees everyone would want to have on the landscape. He explained the character of each tree to ease the decision-making process. When the family chose the trees to plant, the team of tree cutting professionals prepared the holes in a way that created an ideal spacing for each tree.”

The homeowner noted that the company also went ahead and connected him with a nursery that sold the selected trees at a very affordable fee. Tree Experts Orlando also offered him a discount that could easily get him a total of ten replacement trees. The homeowner noted that he was impressed with the company and would want to work with its team of tree cutting professionals in the future.

Tree Experts Orlando schedules its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation located at 10802 Satellite Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837, United States. Homeowners interested in the company’s services can reach its offices by simply dialing +1 321-340-2817 or sending an email to

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