Pasadena Tree Services Uses Tree Pruning to Save 10 Trees

July 05 19:12 2022

Pasadena, California – When Daniel arrived home after spending about 6 months working in Redondo Beach, he was surprised when he noticed some of his trees looked sickly. The homeowner decided to get rid of all the trees that were sick to keep the disease from spreading. He immediately contacted Pasadena Tree Services to know when they would be available to handle the tree removal procedure.

When the company arrived on the landscape,” said Daniel, “its team of tree cutting professionals in Pasadena did not even bring tree removal tools. This was quite surprising considering the family had called and specifically requested a tree removal procedure. However, the head of field operations later explained that the team was going to try and save the trees.”

The chief of field operations reportedly told Daniel that he had come across several cases of the disease he had called to report. He noted that in more than 10 homes in Pasadena, all that the company had to do to save the trees affected by the disease was prune them.

The chief of field operations noted that since the condition had not spread throughout the infected trees,” said Daniel, “removing the infected branches would offer the tree a chance to heal and become healthy again. The family did not want to lose 10 trees. For this reason, everyone agreed to give tree pruning a try.”

The homeowner noted that he was impressed by Pasadena Tree Services for foregoing a tree care procedure that would have brought in more money to go with a procedure that would bring in less money.

The tree removal procedure would have cost the family more than $20,000,” said Daniel. “The tree pruning procedure, on the other hand, required the family to spend a mere $10,000. For a company to agree to work on a project that would pay half of the original amount, it shows that Pasadena Tree Services is very focused on protecting this city’s urban forest.”

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Pasadena Tree Services reportedly came back on the next day—which was yesterday—to handle the tree pruning procedure. The company carefully inspected each branch to ensure all the infected branches were removed.

After cutting each infected branch,” said Daniel, “the team went ahead and used a disinfectant. According to the company’s arborist, the disinfection process would kill any disease-causing bacteria that could move on to other parts of the tree and cause a similar infection.”

According to the homeowner, the tree improvement procedure was complicated. The company reportedly started working on the trees at 6 am and was done at 9 pm. The homeowner, however, was impressed that despite spending more than an hour on each tree, the price did not exceed $1,000 per tree.

Even after overworking to ensure the health of the trees was restored in a single day,” said Daniel, “the team did not leave without cleaning the landscape. The company collected each branch and leaf from the tree improvement procedure and put it in its truck. The company left only after ensuring the landscape was 100% clean and the trees were 100% healthy.”

Daniel noted that Pasadena Tree Services advised him on how to prevent future infections. According to the homeowner, the company’s team advised him to invest in frequent tree trimming procedures. This would ensure that sick trees are caught early enough, keeping them from spreading the disease or reaching a point where restoring their health is impossible.

Pasadena Tree Services’ base of operations is located at 624 W Howard St Pasadena, CA, 91103. The company’s offices can be remotely accessed by dialing 626-790-1414 or sending an email to

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