SenseNet Inc., a Canadian Company Developed Novel Wildfires Detection and Management Solution to Save Planet

July 15 09:34 2022

It only takes a spark… a familiar and pleasant phrase in the context of campfires, ideas and hope. In the context of a woodland environment, a spark is all that it can take to enable mass deforestation, human displacement, ozone depletion, and a strain on our first responders.

The contrast is uncanny, how the smallest amount of input can birth an uncontrolled force of nature that will hold news headlines for weeks into months at a time. Fire brigades, water torpedoes and evacuation mandates are all measures employed after the small spark evolved into a threatening inferno. 

The solution to mitigating these threats is a solution that we have turned to in every other aspect of our modern day lives: technology. Companies have identified the benefit of automating almost every system that our society runs on, and a fire watch should be no exception. Enter Vancouver based tech company, SenseNet Inc. SenseNet is a technology company looking to extinguish any chances of forest fires becoming the disasters we know today, but not one can explain the company more than the founder and CEO, himself, Hamed Noori:

“The SenseNet team developed novel AI and IoT solutions that we can easily deploy on any large-scale IoT application. We were really concerned about the threat that forest fires pose on life on earth for ourselves and later generations. The safety of our children is on our minds, so we tried to ease our own minds with technology for early detection and management. Our mission is to protect by prevention, we want to catch the flames before they reach “forest fire” level.

A lot of scientists point that wildfire will be one of the most pressing dangers to the human race, if not the most. Yet, there is limited awareness about the actual causation of forest fires until they make national headlines- think Californian wildfire, or Australian infernos, or recently in Lytton in BC, Canada, where we lost several lives and millions in infrastructure. 

I am grateful… for such a phenomenal team of scientists, engineers, and minds at SenseNet. Together, we developed unique sensor nodes that use very little power and can detect several different environmental parameters in the forest that would indicate fire. Our tri-level AI system is extremely sophisticated and secure. We collect millions of data and process them in real-time, and can detect even the slightest changes in environmental parameters that can be sign of the fire, with almost zero false positives.

These sensors are geotagged and can send the information to other sensors and relay the data to our cloud server. We can read what the sensors read in real time with exact times and locations for response teams. 

The approach and technology we used is novel and it is first of its kind.”

By allowing the IoT to take on forest monitoring, we can not only reduce the response time, but the required resources to snub the flames. In July of 2021, SenseNet launched a successful pilot campaign of fire prevention, the pilot was a complete success, and the efficacy of the technology will only be improved with further employment. It is the goal of SenseNet to establish a complete network of nodes on a complete and constant fire watch over multiple regions. The fastest way that this vision could become a reality is if governments, both local and federal, prioritized the prevention of forest fires more than the actual treatment of infernos. The cost of installing and maintaining this monitoring system is a fraction of what municipalities would spend fighting the very fire SenseNet could have prevented. If fire is the disease, SenseNet has developed the vaccine.

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