Vanguard Insurance Group – First Liquidity Gaming Insurance in the World

July 16 00:57 2022

Emerging in the Insurance Field, Bound to become the Leading Insurance Group in Southeast Asia

The rise of online gaming and its wider legitimacy has opened up more opportunities – and new risks – for the gaming industry, and Vanguard Insurance Group provides a systematic and highly protective safety net for gaming companies through innovative insurance products and risk management solutions.

Gaming entertainment venues are no longer limited to specific markets such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, and Macau, but are well on their way to expanding globally due to the booming phenomenon that has emerged over the past few decades. The spread of online gaming has further stimulated the growth of the industry, making it a lucrative behemoth. Governments around the world have become more open to legal, regulated gaming as a source of tax revenue. With gaming and sports betting increasingly moving out of the closet and into the mainstream, the global gambling industry reached a market value of US$227 billion in June 2020, Vanguard Insurance Group, through its expertise and unique vision, saw the potential of this market and recognized the trend as it developed, hence launching a liquid gaming insurance product in 2022 in line with the new era and successfully capturing a share of the market. Vanguard has successfully captured a great portion of the market share and has dropped the bomb on the new trend of gaming insurance.

While the industry was not spared the huge impact of the pandemic, which led to the temporary or permanent closure of numerous physical gaming venues and sent industry leaders into disarray, online gaming became a turning point in the rebirth of the industry as technology advanced; and the new frontier of online gaming brought with it another risk – the potential for data breaches, ransomware attacks, and cyber theft.

The risk management experts at Vanguard Insurance Group understand that business can be as unpredictable as roulette. In order for the gaming industry to recover more quickly from the epidemic, Vanguard Group executives decided to work with the company’s elite to ride out the storm during the epidemic and therefore developed the first liquidity gaming insurance and risk management solution that will help players face the unexpected and provide online gaming players around the world with 100% protection and a zero-risk gaming experience so that everyone can play and earn with peace of mind.

Vanguard Insurance Group have achieved a great success on an event organized in Johor on 3rd of July, 2022. In this event, Vanguard Insurance Group shared its own operating philosophy and recent promotion with the leaders and all other guests who attended the event. After presentation of the entire concept, thousands of leaders who attended the event were ready to show their strength for this special operation in South East Asia with hope to get many more people to participate. Moreover, Vanguard Insurance Group is going to announce a new shareholding model along with an upcoming promotion, this plan shall build a greater foundation, leading the gaming insurance industry to a brighter path.

In addition, Vanguard Insurance Group is committed to contributing to the journey of the gaming insurance business and to bringing the industry into full compliance with the law. During its expansion, Vanguard Insurance Group has also recruited talent to contribute to a more systematic win-win model for the gaming industry. Vanguard has now expanded into South East Asia, in order to expand the gaming industry internationally, Vanguard had successfully incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) with a registered number, 2101369. The main transaction currency in BVI is US Dollar, thus all transactions can be cross-border. Vanguard Insurance Group is looking to bexpand globally by 2022 to create a global win-win model for the gaming market, with the ultimate goal of gaining a strong foothold in the global gaming industry in the coming years.

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