Golden Port Visa Announced The Opening Of Its Portugal Golden Visa Process Consultancy

July 18 09:24 2022

Golden Port Visa, a leading real estate investment provider of Portugal Golden Visas, has opened its consultancy for prospective migrants. The company is now offering a full range of services to its clients worldwide, from initial consultation and advice on the best route to qualify for their Portuguese Golden Visa. The company goal is to assist with property acquisition, mortgage financing, and all necessary paperwork required to complete the process successfully. This is an exciting development as it heralds an expansion into a new market segment that will be led by some of the company’s most experienced professionals.

Portugal launched its Golden Visa program in 2012 to encourage investment and generate additional revenue for the government. To qualify for a Portugal Golden Visa, an applicant must make a qualifying investment in real estate, company, or public markets equity or deposits with an authorized financial institution. The time frame for qualifying investments is five years.

Any non-resident alien who purchases real estate worth more than €280,000 and spends at least seven days of the year living there can apply for a Portugal Golden Visa. Applicants also have the option to choose the other option and show they have enough funds to support themselves after making the purchase, get a job that earns them at least €2500 per month, and sign an agreement with the real estate agent saying they will spend more than 180 days there each year.

There are two types of Golden Visas, and Golden Port Visa can help you with both. 

• Investment visa: This visa is only available if you invest at least €280K in property or public equity (VC) companies operating in Portugal. 

• Self-Residence visa: If you meet one of the other requirements listed above, you can receive a residence permit that gives you access to EU member states and most other countries.

Golden Port Visa has more than a decade of experience in this sector. They are experts in handling the process, from searching for properties to registering for a residency permit at the Portuguese consulate. In addition, they provide a complete service, from advising on how to obtain the visa and invest to arranging your flights and accommodation.

About Golden Port Visa

Golden Port Visa specializes in the niche sector of the Portugal residency by real estate investment program, also known as the Portugal Golden Visa.

The company assists business people, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and families gain freedom of movement with a stress-free paperwork process. Golden Port Visa holds to the highest quality standards of service and transparency and takes pride in more than 1500+ successful applications.

Golden Port Visa is much more than an investment migration consultancy; they are a trusted partner and advisor.

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