New Procolored UV DTF Printer Helps Level up Local Small Printing Business

July 18 20:03 2022

Printing is an art form that can transform any package into something desirable. It is reported that the global commercial printing market reached an impressive $750.1 billion in 2021. The market is projected to grow to $796 billion by 2027 over the next 5 years.

While the future for the printing industry looks promising, it is a rapidly evolving market. Therefore, for any printing business, keeping a keen eye open for the latest trends, techniques and technologies in the printing industry is essential to stay ahead of the curve. 

Change in Printing Process for Customization

The advancement in technology and the sheer demand for customized packaging and printing are driving massive change in the industry. After Covid, the market is more focused on local supply chains. The more agile print services can be, the better they will adapt to the ever-changing market. 

Facing the advent of the era of Industry 4.0, customer-centric personalized manufacturing is gradually becoming the focus of attention of various manufacturers. Although from many aspects, customer needs under the personalized manufacturing model are fragmented and non-standardized, a proper process for printing that caters to customized customer requests will help companies be more efficient. Using the right tools and product design processes will help printing shops to meet the customization demands of modern customers. 

While screen printing has been a traditional printing method widely used in the industry, it is more suitable for large orders. For small business owners, adopting a versatile digital printing method such as custom UV printing, UV DTF(Direct-to-film) printing, would be more cost-effective. 

UV DTF Printing – Print on Any Objects.

Still not familiar with UV DTF Printing? Simply put, this is a improved version of UV Printing. This technology allows us to print on almost all the materials or objects, including the irregular surface shapes of the hard material. Unlike the traditional UV printer, which directly prints on the surface of the objects. The UV DTF printer print out the pattern on a special film or called crystal sticker, then it can be applied on any objects with perfect printing effects. Some objects are just too large to fit in the traditional UV printer.  The reason to choose the new UV DTF Printer? No moulding, no complicated color tuning, just as easy as “print and stick”.

For small business owners are unfamiliar with the configuration of a standard DTF printer, a UV DTF 2-in-1 printer like the Procolored i608 is a great investment to upscale the business. 


Unlike other UV DTF printer in the market, usually requires a laminator to apply the B film, the i608 printer facilitates laminating and printing at the same time, making the whole process easier and faster. This printer adopts an advanced white ink automatic circulation system to extend the lifespan of printheads without sacrificing its performance. 

With the i608 printer, shop owners can create more valuable services by adding spot UV varnishing, 3D embossed and textural effects, and foiling to traditional print. The printed film can also be stored for a long time and transferred onto material whenever needed, offering business owners a more flexible way to control inventory. 

POD: Small Print Shops are Taking Advantage of UV DTF Printers

Create company swag packs is probably the most common needs for all the business owners. But for startup and small businesses, there is still no easy way with branded and customized swag orders, which usually requires minimum quantity and limited material options. 

A lot of e-commerce platform now offers the POD(Print on Demand) services. Indeed, POD allows creators to upload their own pattern, choose from their product library and the rest is waiting for the customized logo mugs and t-shirts to come.

In this business model, the print shops can only do better. Better understanding and communication with clients, more versatile forms of service. In many cases, customers already have their favorite items, the items e-commerce platform offers just not good enough. So the best part is that print shops can quickly serve any clients requirement at any quantity level. This means being able to offer cheaper prices, increase sales and a higher degree of quality control.

Broaden Printing Services 

Customizability is the biggest factor in the years coming ahead. With the right business model, print companies can easily find success and engage with more customers. Shops need to diversify their products and offerings. That means invest in cool designs and the right tools.

Companies like Procolored make great commercial printer models at quite affordable prices with a wide range of UV printer collections.

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