Introducing Surplus, a New Wealth Creation Platform that Helps Individuals Make Sustainable Returns through the Crypto Markets

July 20 02:26 2022
The platform will provide access to the highest-growing asset class in history by offering institutional grade products and information aimed at giving people a completely set it and forget crypto experience.

Cryptocurrency has blossomed into a major trend today with millions of people making money from crypto trading. It is reckoned to be the largest wealth transfer in history with over 43 trillion dollars being moved around in crypto every day. In 2021, Bitcoin, a prominent cryptocurrency became the official currency of El Salvador and crossed over 141 million global users.

Despite this, the crypto market is incredibly difficult to break into and many people who have ventured into the industry have fallen for scams and failed projects, losing money. Although trade volumes are increasing, fewer people are able to achieve sustainable growth using this technology.

There are several barriers that prevent people from making actual wealth from cryptocurrency such as the lack of proper exposure, understanding of the market, and proven investment and trading strategies. This is where Surplus comes in. Surplus is a recently launched wealth creation platform where all the information and best-kept secrets of the cryptocurrency world are made available to help people build sustainable wealth.

The platform makes investing in cryptocurrency easy and profitable through its proprietary algorithms and data mining which enables them to quickly identify opportunities with high current yield and long-term potential that provide the type of growth typically reserved for wall street institutions. By working with Surplus, crypto enthusiasts can break into the fastest growing industry with no prior knowledge of the market.

“At Surplus, we are committed to helping people enjoy the massive wealth creation opportunities that abound in cryptocurrency,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Surplus gives you a platform with the tools, knowledge and support that you need to succeed. We look to return 30% annually to our platform users while helping them make the most out of their time without ever having to learn about crypto or any of the technologies. It is a market full of opportunities and we are helping people take advantage of them.”

Surplus has been featured on, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Digital Journal, Fox43, Azcentral, and many more. The platform partners with a handful of strategy managers and third party agencies to ensure they deliver on their promise of sustainable wealth creation.

To learn more, please visit to speak with a Certified Crypto Advisor from Surplus. 

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Surplus is led by a group of seasoned successful entrepreneurs, business owners, former bankers, Stanford and Princeton MBAs, Ex-Facebook developers, Fortune 500 marketers, top influencers, and last but not least overall good people.

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