Kryptofab Is First To Offer Enterprise-Grade Internet Security Directly To Consumers

July 21 15:36 2022
The Company Aims To Provide Security Functions To Private Customers That Big Businesses Pay A Fortune For

While a lot of VPNs promise safe and secure internet browsing, they actually don’t do much more than reroute one’s data to a different IP address.

This is the problem that the people behind Kryptofab aimed to solve when they started offering their service: a combination of multiple enterprise-class security functions with a global cloud-delivered platform for consumers and small businesses. This offer is the very first subscription-based internet security package made for consumers that include features normally reserved for large corporations and businesses, according to its website.

“Businesses spend millions of dollars, protecting themselves from today’s increasing threats,” said Wes Jensen, co-founder at Kryptofab. “It is critically important that every consumer has immediate access to the same level of protection and security for their computers, smartphones, and tablets.”

Kryptofab provides a comprehensive suite of security capabilities they have called a Secure Internet Access Platform (SIAP) which protects from a wide range of internet-borne threats and other issues that can compromise not just the safety of data, but also the performance of a user’s connection across devices. With 300 data centers around the world, Kryptofab’s security features include application control and optimization, next-generation stateful firewalling, virus blocking and web filtering, intrusion and threat prevention, safe search, and adult content blocking. Combined in a way that doesn’t expose or store internet traffic, Kryptofab is able to provide a platform that far exceeds what a VPN can offer.

“VPNs like Express VPN, Nord VPN, Surfshark, etc. claim to offer security but do not,” explained Kryptofab co-founder Jeff Collins. “They merely provide a different entrance location to the internet, and you are no safer entering the internet from New York than Atlanta or Paris.”

Antivirus and malware platforms that customers download to their devices are essentially waiting for the threat to arrive before attempting to protect users. With Kryptofab’s cloud based approach, threats are thwarted in advance, thereby providing users a secure Internet connection.

While the technical capabilities are impressive as it is, its combination with the company’s business model certainly seems to be what sets Kryptofab apart from the rest. A number of internet security companies operate at a low direct cost to their customers, then purportedly profit by selling their customers’ data to third parties, further compromising the information they are paid to protect.

“When it comes to services that interact with your data: if the service is free or low cost, then you are the product,” said Wes Jensen. “Our monetization plan does not rely in any way on storing, reading, or otherwise interfering with your data. Our system provides high-performance security without you or your family having to worry about data being sold to be used for ad targeting, identity theft, etc.”

Kryptofab offers two comprehensive packages on their website on a monthly subscription. Interested users can sign-up for its services via

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