Talks about Fixing Farm Equipment with the Help of Farm Equipment Manuals

July 23 06:12 2022 Talks about Fixing Farm Equipment with the Help of Farm Equipment Manuals

A tractor is a heavy piece of machinery. If anything goes wrong with this equipment, a person cannot stop it from doing significant damage. Ever stop to think why your ability to repair a tractor could also be a matter of life and death? For this reason, every person who works on a tractor should have a farm manual nearby. This manual becomes of great help if questions arise during the repair work.

Modern Times

Heavy equipment today comes with modern technology. A manufacturer can install a kill switch that allows it to control the machine remotely. This is only one example of why users today find it difficult to repair equipment they spent a significant sum of money on. The machines come with various electronic control units (ECU) that control different aspects of the machine, such as the air conditioning. These ECUs come with drawbacks an owner must be aware of, and a person can discover more about manuals used for repairing heavy equipment here.

When one of these units fails, the manufacturer might be the only one to have the code that accesses the electronic control units. Without this code, the owner cannot maintain or repair the machine. 

What This Means for the Owner

An owner cannot climb behind the controls of the machinery and head to the local repair shop. While they do this with other farm vehicles, this isn’t possible with heavy equipment. They must either load it up and take it to be maintained or repaired or call someone to come out and complete the work on site. Soon the owner may be able to head to sites such as eManual Online to learn how to work on many different machines. 

Manufacturers’ Response to the Complaints

According to, manufacturers are lobbying officials to keep the current practice in place. They don’t want to share the codes needed to work on these machines. This industry isn’t the only one benefiting from this practice either.

During the global pandemic, it became apparent that many manufacturers of medical equipment operated the same way. Hospitals and healthcare facilities were unable to get parts they desperately needed or find someone to carry out the work due to a backlog. This could mean the difference between life and death for individuals, which goes to show the importance of changing current policy. 

Thankfully, volunteers were able to produce some parts to get medical equipment up and running once again. The manufacturer did not fight them when they did so. They recognized the importance of the pieces. However, the same may not be true for other industries, such as the farming industry. Manufacturers should be required to share information with the owners of heavy equipment,  as it could mean the difference between life and death for people. The FTC is working to ensure they do. 

In 2021, the FTC took action and published a right-to-repair policy paper. This paper outlines how the agency plans to make manufacturers share vital information with consumers. However, this does not mean the fight is over. Owners must stand up for their rights and alert the agency when a manufacturer fails to do so. That’s the only way things will change in the future.

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