Yesper Armor Pro 2 Power Station Has Come

July 25 17:21 2022
Maximize the pleasure of outdoor journey

It seems familiar that people hesitate before holidays, planning to have a wonderful outdoor tour, yet finally yielding to a series of possible trouble. Outdoor journeys were once exciting but exhausting: a car may break down, electronic devices could be out of power, and one may get trapped but don’t know how to find others to turn to… All of these are annoying issues. However, guess what, no more hesitation now — let Yesper Armor Pro 2 Power Station fix all the outdoor problems!

What is Yesper Armor Pro2?

Yesper Armor Pro is a portable power station with a 240Wh huge battery capacity. With strong power as it supplies, it is super-compact and easy to use.First and foremost, Yesper Armor Pro 2 is designed for portability. Scientific and compact design makes Armor Pro 2’s only-5.3-pound super lightweight ever possible — this is about 1 pound lighter than other energy storage! It can be carried with a single hand, so there is no need to worry even when one is taking such outdoor adventures as tent camping, road trips, and backyard camping alone.

Second, Yesper Armor is safe and secured:

10 safety protection designs reduce damage to a vehicle battery or other equipment caused by improper operation; simply put, users need not be professional, because the “pro” Armor is always here to offer protection.

IP65 water-resistant package is also a strong buff which enables Armor Pro to be fearless of bad weather, so one can take it out even on rainy days.

What is the superpower of Armor Pro 2?

Armor Pro 2 is multi-functional owing to its variety of output, including:USB/USB-C Output, supporting smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, digital cameras, e-readers, and so on;
15V/10A DC Output, supporting tire inflators, inverters, and more;AC 120W Output (a car inverter is also needed), supporting drones, laptops, displays, etc.

Besides, Armor Pro 2 is equipped with a multifunctional 400-lumen LED light which supports three modes: lighting, strobe, and SOS; whether the user is troubled by dark surroundings or trapped in emergencies, Armor Pro is always able to help the user.

Beyond features of a portable charging station, Armor Pro 2 also has a jump-starting function, allowing you to boost your car in seconds safely. This must be fantastic news for driving enthusiasts — during your outdoor trip, you will no longer get troubled by a suddenly dead car battery.

Facilitated by a PD100W input/output port, Armor Pro supports 100W car charging, which means this device only takes 2.4 hours to get fully charged via the car charger. One can also use a 60W USB C to C cable to charge it at home before an outdoor journey.

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