Rev. Nicholas Stanley, Founder of Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center, Makes His Authorial Debut with “The Misunderstood Soul”

July 25 23:45 2022
Rev. Nicholas Stanley, Founder of Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center, Makes His Authorial Debut with "The Misunderstood Soul"

Personal growth and development are vital things the world today has taken very seriously. People are now more invested in bettering their lives using methods that work. Rev. Nicholas Stanley, who founded Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center, offers a wide range of life-changing services, which include therapeutic massage, clinical hypnotherapy, yoga & meditation classes either in person or virtually, metaphysical classes either in person or virtually and one-on-one coaching.

Despite his work with Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center, Rev. Nicholas Stanley is now set to expand his reach to other parts of the world. He is now set to release a new self-help book titled “The Misunderstood Soul.” The book will be released internationally and available on Barnes & Nobles, Kindle, Amazon, and other book sales platforms by August 2022, and pre-sale order requests are currently being entertained. Through the book, Rev. Nicholas Stanley gives an insight into his personal journey and shows the world how he got to where he is today, assisting and supporting individuals worldwide.

His goal is to connect with adults within the age range of 30 to 75 years old who wish to develop themselves and become better individuals creating remarkable things in the world. Rev. Nicholas’s belief that everyone has unique gifts and talents they can use to achieve notable feats formed the basis on which his developmental initiative was built. “We are all about getting people to step outside their comfort zone while believing in the dreams they had as children. Everyone is worthy of achieving those dreams, and we break all the limiting beliefs holding them back,” he said.

Writing “The Misunderstood Soul” was inspired by his life and professional journey and everything he had to do during the pandemic. He had clients for hypnosis from all over the globe and was attending Massage School in Salem, Massachusetts, while living in Lynn, traveling to Manhattan and pushing through with a thriving career. Rev. Nicholas described that period as a stressful time in his life, but he feels comforted by the number of people he was able to assist and the business he built as a result.  Thus, he decided to document his journey of 13 years in a book to teach, inspire, educate and project his brand even further.

His mother, who is a cancer survivor, was recently diagnosed with COVID, and at this time, he became determined to publish how he turned his pain into a passion while seeing her struggle with many health challenges. He is hoping to inspire others to prioritize their wellness as a necessity, and not a luxury. 

In a few years, Rev. Nicholas Stanley hopes to expand his brand by opening a wellness center for massage therapy, hypnotherapy and fitness classes in Boston, New York, and Phoenix. “I want to inspire the world that being the “black sheep” of the family is, in fact, a gift and nothing to be ashamed about. Also, I encourage people to lean into their fears because learning how to turn the”pain” into “passion” is the best way to gain clarity in any area of life.

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