Nicole Simone of Late July Tackles Sobriety In New Dreamy Single

July 26 01:57 2022

Late July released a dreamscape of a pop song with a tough hitting subject. Her song “Sober” released on July 13th, is an ode to the 80’s dream pop with a modern flare.

The lyrics are direct, a pop song as an open letter to someone hoping they will get sober. “I wrote the song after seeing an ex announce he was getting sober, and when it became obvious he wasn’t heading towards sobriety, it really shook me up. I really wanted him to fly straight” stated Nicole Simone who performs under the name Late July.

The track was produced by Jessica Taylor and mixed and mastered by Ben James. The song’s pleading hook “won’t you please get sober” sinks in deep as Prophet synthesizers, and looming mellotron carry the song through with an upbeat feel. “I always love happy songs about sad things, this was a very personal track for me.” Simone goes on to explain that she’s been sober her entire life, a personal choice she made initially out of spite. “Everyone was pressuring me to drink and I kind of like to do the opposite of what people tell me to do, for better or worse. So I never drank. I can relate to those in recovery though because there is a tremendous amount of social pressure to drink, it’s rather relentless.” The song is 3:04 minutes of pure indie pop that feels like it could have been released in 1989. “I’m obsessed with 80’s music, I love new wave, I love the upbeat songs about just being sad, I think it’s perfect and it always embodies southern California to me.” This is the 5th song of the vivacious redhead woman Nicole Simone has released this year as Late July, a prolific songwriter and producer, she said “there’s more music coming out this year, and eventually an LP of it all. I love what I get to do, the stories I tell. I’m lucky.” You can hear more of Late July’s music on your favourite streaming service and follow her on her very active social media accounts.

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