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September 29 06:06 2022
An e-Visa is a visa issued by the Indian Government to travelers who wish to visit India for both business and tourism.

The government of India has launched electronic travel authorization or e-Visa for India, allowing people from 180 countries to travel to India without a physical passport stamp.

Since 2014, international visitors to India no longer need to apply for the traditional paper Indian Visa in order to travel there, allowing them to bypass the burden associated with that application. Instead of visiting the Indian Embassy or Consulate in person, the Indian Visa can now be obtained electronically online.

5 year Indian Visa

A 5 year India e-Tourist Visa is available to foreign nationals who wish to visit India for sightseeing or enjoyment, casual visits to meet friends and relatives, or short term Yoga programs.

Beginning in September 2019, the Indian Immigration Authority has revised its e-Tourist Visa regulations. In order to realize Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of doubling the number of global and domestic visitors visiting India in the next five years, tourism minister Prahlad Singh Patel announced a number of modifications to Indian Online Visa. The minister emphasized that we must collaborate to alter the impression of foreign tourists visiting India.

With effect from September 2019, a 5 year Indian Tourist Visa (India e-Visa) is now accessible to overseas tourists who wish to visit India several times over the course of the next 5 years.

The following categories can now apply for an e-Tourist Visa:

  • e-Tourist Visa 30 days: The visa is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival into India.

  • e-Tourist Visa for 1 Year (or 365 days): Multiple-entry visa valid for 365 days from the date the e-Visa was granted.

  • e-Tourist Visa for 5 Years (or 60 months): Multiple entry visa valid for 5 years from the day the e-Visa was granted.

All visas indicated above cannot be extended or converted. If you have applied for and paid for a one-year Tourist Visa, you cannot convert or upgrade to a five-year Tourist Visa.

Urgent Emergency Indian Visa

An Urgent Indian Visa (eVisa India for urgency) is issued to foreign nationals who need to go to India urgently. The visa is often referred to as an Emergency Indian visa. You can apply for an urgent tourist visa to enter India if you reside outside of India and you need to travel for emergency and urgent reasons, such as the death of a family member or loved one, coming to court for legal reasons, or if a family member or loved one is suffering from a serious illness. 

Unlike other visas such as the Indian Tourist Visa, Indian Business Visa, and Indian Medical Visa, the Emergency visa to India / Urgent Indian Visa application requires significantly less preparation time. You cannot apply for an Indian emergency visa if you need to travel to India for purposes such as tourism, visiting a friend, or attending multifaceted relationships, as these are not considered emergency situations. Consequently, you must apply for various types of visas. A distinguishing feature of the critical/urgent Indian e-visa application is that it is typically processed on weekends for those who need to travel to India for urgent or unforeseen circumstances.

Emergency Indian e-visa issuance takes one to three business days if the application is completed correctly, all essential documents are submitted, and the application is complete. For an extremely urgent visa, you may be required to pay a larger amount to acquire an Indian Urgent Visa through this lodging. Tourist, medical, business, conference, and medical attendant visa applicants have access to this expedited processing or fast track visa service.

Transit Visa India

Visas are necessary for the majority of foreigners visiting India, regardless of the duration or reason of their trip. The vast majority of travelers en way to another destination will need an Indian visa, whether they are visiting India for a specific purpose or simply transiting through the country.

Visas are necessary for the majority of foreigners visiting India, regardless of the duration or reason of their trip. Bhutan and Nepal are the only countries permitted visa-free entry to India for an indefinite period.

Whether traveling to India for a specific purpose or simply transiting through the country, the vast majority of travelers will require an Indian visa en way to another location. However, it also depends on the length of the traveler’s stay in India and whether or not they intend to leave the Transit area of the airport.

Considering the aforementioned circumstances, many travelers of certain nationalities are needed to apply in advance for an Indian transit visa at an embassy or consulate. However, most foreign passport holders can now apply for an Indian transit visa online utilizing a straightforward web form.

As a foreign visitor in India, you need an India e-Tourist Visa (eVisa India or Indian Visa Online) in order to witness the spectacular sights and experiences. Alternately, you may be in India on an India e-Business Visa and wish to engage in pleasure and sightseeing in northern India and the Himalayan foothills. The Indian Immigration Authority encourages travellers to India to apply for an Indian visa online (India e-Visa) as opposed to visiting an Indian consulate or embassy.

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