Detailed information about Transparent Antennas and touchscreen panels

January 13 18:22 2023

Micron now offers flexible, high-sensitivity, precision-writing, waterproof/explosion-proof, super-narrow-border products that are well-suited to high-resolution displays and boast a high degree of dependability. These features are based on the full-size touch industry, which Micron/Cinotop dominates. In addition to 5G transparent film antennas, this coverage also includes film keyboards, film earphones, transparent film antennas, and other products that fall under the category of interdisciplinary technologies.

Transparent Antennas:

Wireless networks can increase their transmission rates, signal quality, and latency by using transparent antennas. This technology’s resilience to interference, power efficiency, and overall safety has all seen significant advancements as a result. Investing in the appropriate antenna is necessary in order to get the most out of your electronic devices. Micron has a long history of pioneering innovative ideas, and the company is always looking for ways to enhance both the quality of its products and the efficiency of its manufacturing processes.

Multi-touch panels:

The development of multi-touch panels has the potential to revolutionize the manner in which people interact with electronic devices by allowing for motions that are more natural and intuitive. This might result in a significant increase in the level of user satisfaction. Users are able to exert a greater degree of control over their electronic gadgets by using a greater number of fingers and hands in the interaction thanks to the introduction of multi-touch displays. Researching the various manufacturers and the goods they provide is necessary in order to successfully incorporate a touch panel maker into your business. Trusting MICRON is worth it.

Extra-large multi-touch screens:

Micron’s Extra-large multi-touch screens have revolutionized the way in which people interact with technology by creating a more intuitive and natural interface. The ability to easily explore and manage their content is only one of the many ways in which these screens excel above traditional ones. There are several benefits to using them, including easier access and more cooperation. People are increasingly interacting with technology via the use of massive multi-touch displays. Businesses and consumers alike may benefit from the enhanced cooperation, improved user experience, and boosted productivity that comes with these bigger displays.

Multi-touch projected capacitive sensors:

When numerous touches are made at once, you need a capacitive sensor that can detect them all. Multi-touch projected capacitive sensors have two conducting layers and an insulating layer between them. Here are some characteristics of Microns. Their multi-touch projected capacitive sensors have a higher resolution than standard glass panels, making them more durable and precise. The touchscreens can be customized to any size or form, and they’re also simple to set up.

Touch Screen Controllers:

Touch screen controllers are designed to transmit the input of the user to the device or screen that is being controlled. This input might take the form of pressure or a simple touch. Touch controllers often incorporate sensors that assist devices in accurately interpreting and responding to the complex touches made by users. A controller is present in every capacitive touchscreen, just as it is in every other kind of touchscreen. It is necessary for the controller to have touch input comprehension in order for the touchscreen to function properly. However, capacitive touchscreens need a distinct form of the controller in comparison to the other kinds of touchscreens.


Through ongoing research, development, and improvement of our offerings, Micron company strives to fulfill our commitment to provide to our clientele items of the highest possible standard at rates that are within their financial means. The level of moisture in the air has no effect on the products produced by this company, regardless of whether it is too much or not enough. The items that MICRON offers its customers are always up to date, thoroughly tested, technologically advanced, and visually beautiful.

The company(Micron/Cinotop) has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, ISO13485 and other international certifications for management systems, automotive and medical quality systems. There are also CE / FCC / IC electromagnetic compatibility certification test, ISO is a management system certification.

The company has more than 300 independent intellectual property rights, including 150 invention patents, which are constantly being stored and increased.

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