BuyBitcoinACH Announces Flat Rate Commission Structure When Purchasing Bulk Cryptocurrencies – Saving Clients Thousands Of Dollars

October 08 21:45 2018
Many Crypto enthusiasts are itching to get into the Bitcoin market but wonder how to profit when Exchanges charge such huge commissions when buying in bulk. Most exchanges charge a percentage which greatly reduces the profit margin. The answer is BuyBitcoinACH, where all buys/sells cost only $9.99 regardless of size.

Miami, FL – Oct 8th, 2018 – BuyBitcoinACH has sent shockwaves through the Cryptocommunity this week, not with an announcement, but with a testimonial where a client saved over $3,000 USD simply by choosing BuyBitcoinACH over another competing Exchange. In a climate where buying in bulk is the name of the game, many investors have been searching high and low for an Exchange like BuyBitcoinACH where a flat rate is charged instead of the all too common commission based on percentage structure.

BuyBitcoinACH is the world’s first discount Cryptocurrency Exchange that serves as a conduit for all types of investors to enter the market while preserving profits. Many Exchanges are more interested in turning a profit than building their customer base and creating a profitable environment for its users, until now. It was during a press event that the testimonial came to light where Jason saved thousands of dollars by using BuyBitcoin ACH.

The company spokesperson and Jason Chavez attended the press conference where they showed the financial s. Jason Chavez was quoted as saying, “I was literally about to press the buy button with another exchange when I thought…there has got to be a cheaper alternative to this. I wanted to make the buy ASAP to take advantage of the price, so in a last-ditch effort I searched online for a discount Crypto Exchange. To my utter surprise, BuyBitcoinACH popped up and my heart skipped a beat when I saw that I could buy a gazzilion dollars worth of Bitcoin and still pay only $9.99. I didn’t believe it but decided it was definitely worth it to give it a go. Needless to say, I saved $2,990 dollars by switching to BuyBitcoinACH. I was so ecstatic that I emailed the owners thanking them for this, and they were gracious enough to release my testimonial to the world. I can’t stress this enough, if you are buying in bulk, BuyBitcoinACH is the BEST, bar-none!!”

The benefits of signing up with BuyBitcoinACH don’t stop at just a flat rate, other benefits of using this platform include:

1. Reliability & Security – This discount Crypto Exchange is USA based which comes with inherent features including top of the line security as well as federal oversight, making it an extremely safe solution.

2. Flat Rate Trading – All transactions are only $9.99 regardless of the transaction size, making this the favorite platform for people wanting to purchase Crypto in bulk.

3. Secure Wallet & Banking – The ultra-secure wallet and banking gives its users a safe place to store their coins or initiate a transaction via ACH to their respective Fiat bank account.

To learn more about BuyBitcoinACH or to open a free Crypto wallet and begin buying coins, visit their official website at or click here.

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