In the News: RRMT Unveils Mold in its simplicity, how best to tackle its menace.

October 09 01:10 2018
RRMT – Rapid Mold Testing in its continued effort for a clean and mold free atmosphere, enlightens the public on the basic steps to ensure a mold free house

October 8, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA – Mold can be a problem if not taken care of, in its infancy, and most times people struggle to get rid of it, either using conventional methods or employing the service of a non-professional to have a clean air in homes. There are clear rules about molds and how to employ the service of an expert.

Mold mostly grows in a moist and damp environment, which makes it a prevalent issue during the winter period, no matter which period of the year you experiencing mold in the house, it’s very important to know the source and detect it early before it grows bigger.

A careful inspection and air quality testing, comparing both indoor and outdoor air quality can make a solid difference when trying to get rid of mold. Not only will the clients be saving a lot of time and money in the long run, but this is also how a certified and competent mold company should conduct their operation in every home.

Rapid Response Mold Testing takes this approach a little further with the use of smart tech types of equipment, both during & after mold inspection and testing. These types of equipment have allowed them to deliver superior home inspections and professional grade recommendations.

Rapid Response Mold Testing always strives to go above and beyond their clients’ expectation. In a testimonial given by Kevin A, a satisfied client, “I just discovered I had mold in my house and needed a mold inspector to take a look at it because it was causing health problems for me and my family.  Sean was great, he was very knowledgeable and informed about situations like mine. He took his time to explain how the mold inspection work and he was also highly professional. I would highly recommend rapid response mold testing for any mold problems.”

The next time to visit a mold inspection, make sure you do a due diligence, look up the online reviews, put a call through to know either a test will be carried out by the company or they employed the service of a third participation and also take note of their year of operation. This is quite really short but super helpful, went followed to the letter.

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RRMT, also known as Rapid Response Mold Testing has been delivering impeccable mold solutions services for over a decade. In- line with the company core vision, “Provide High Level, Professional Mold Solutions to people in Southern California experiencing mold Problems”. They serve the Los Angeles Areas and beyond.

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