Monspace held its “Persevere and Shine” 4th Anniversary Celebration on the 13th and 14th October, at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC)

October 17 00:30 2018

The event set up for this anniversary celebration was carefully designed to reflect Monspace’s global reach. Using cultural themes from various countries, Monspace curated a collection of display stations to showcase each of its branches around the world.

As the home-ground of Monspace, Malaysia’s display booth grabs attention with atap roofs, orchids, durians, and the Malaysian flag as symbols of national pride.

“This year’s theme ‘Perservere and Shine’ serves as a reminder for us; to reflect on the company’s 4-year journey thus far, and to remember that we are here today because we persevered despite all odds. Only by breaking free from all limits, can we shine bright in the global arena,” said founder of CEO of Monspace, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.

Lai took the attendants through a tour of Monspace’s journey thus far, and how it constantly sought improvements and expansion. From Monspace Mall the e-commerce platform, it has now expanded to producing aerospace food. From Malaysia, the company has expanded globally to reach nations such as Algeria. It is a testament of the company’s glorious evolution in just 4 years.

“Since last year, we have been systemically expanding our operations. For example, we started out with Monspace Mall and have now evolved to develop CPMall. It is clear evidence of Monspace’s growth,” said Lai.

Lai expressed that she places high importance on each year’s anniversary celebration. It is not just an occasion for members and colleagues to rejoice, but also a time to reflect on the company’s progress.

“We have been very proactive in expanding our operations, especially in the past two years. Many new projects are in the works, and we are showcasing these projects in the Monspace International Online and Offline Trade Exhibition. Our colleagues will be explaining each project to guests who are interested.” 

Since 2017, Monspace has invested significantly in a few key projects, including aerospace food in China, Sofo Paradise, the Musang King durians shared farming project, agricultural projects including bird’s nest, Tongkat Ali, agarwood; lifestyle and fashion shopping platform CPMall, and blockchain technology.

These projects are built with global ambitions, and are key items under Monspace’s global expansion strategy in 2019. “Monspace will continue marching forward and strive for new heights through these projects,” said Lai.

Activities during the Monspace “Persevere and Shine” 4th Anniversary Celebration were diverse and exciting, guaranteed to offer a deeper understanding of Monspace to all who were present. These include the Monspace International Online and Offline Trade Exhibition; talks by business operation leaders from Vietnam, Indonesia, Algeria, Singapore and Middle East; an introduction by actress Michelle Yim about her skincare line YIM; China’s business conference; a talk on blockchain, and the “True Heroes” charity award-giving ceremony.

Business leaders from China, who had their business sharing meeting in Malaysia for the first time, also thoughtfully prepared exciting entertainment including Chinese folk dance, singing performance and more, impressing many attendants.

On top of that, the event saw the attendance of singer-actress Maria Cordero, Michelle Yim, Indonesian songstress Krisdayanti, and renowned local hosts Wind and Wayne.

In her closing address after the 2-day event, Dato Sri Jessy Lai shared her hopes for the future: “I dream that this solid foundation we have built for Monspace will enable us to go further. In future developments, let us be fearless and resilient. Let us continue to challenge our limits, chart new territories, seize each opportunity, and insist on constant progress. Hand in hand, we will walk forward together to build a better future for all. Let us shine for the world to see!”

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