Here is the answer to epidemic of non reading boys

October 23 03:05 2018

Each year parents and educators complain that boys are less interested in reading than girls. Given the number of boys diagnosed with ADHD, it’s easy to see why an activity that uses no movement and requires quiet focus, would be more difficult for some boys.

One author decided to do something about this. She would answer the question, “How do you make reading as interactive as pushing Matchbox cars across the floor?”

Her answer was, “You make kids into authors.”

The parent of three children, award-winning author Marie White created a book that almost every child would love to read. Why? Because there are hardly any words.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but what she found was that if you put very few words on the page, kids would complete the story.

“Story starters” or “writing prompts” have been used in classrooms for decades, but kids who love to write don’t need an excuse to make books, they’ll do it by stapling paper together. Kids who struggle to read or sit quietly, need something more. They need a reason to write.

White’s new release, Sophia Wants to Write a Book is the culmination of 15 years of helping kids love to read and write. Unlike a journal, kids don’t have to think of a story from scratch.

The inspiration behind the main character was the author’s dog, who even has her own hashtag #Sophiawantstowrite.

The book is about Sophia the dog, who wants to write a book, but can’t because she can’t hold the pen. She asks the reader to help her and begins each chapter with stories of her life, getting into trouble, being scared and more. From writing their name on the cover and adding a picture and bio to an “About the Author” page, it’s just like a real book.

“The book looks just like the books kids find at the bookstore or in their school library. The difference is they can write it while lying on the floor, hanging off a bed or sitting on a swing with a friend. And when they’re finished you can bet that they’ll read it to anyone who will listen, improving their reading speed and feeling accomplished,” White says.

“When kids get excited about reading, they start to pick up books on their own. It opens a whole new world to them that isn’t on YouTube or Netflix.”

An easy read for 6-12-year-olds, parents will find that Sophia Wants to Write a Book also makes a great activity for hospital stays, road trips, plane rides, and holiday visits. It’s also the perfect stocking stuffer.

“This is the gift they’ll cherish and find in the keepsake box they pull out in college. It will be tucked under their arm when they’re asleep. You can’t put a price on that,” White continues.

Like all your favorite books, it is available everywhere books are sold.

Marie White a TEDx speaker, multi-award winning & bestselling author of 8 books, host of the Vetting the Hype podcast, reaches almost a million viewers on YouTube and is the director of publishing for Zamiz Press. You can connect with Marie at

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