Blockchain has a lot of advantages to helping save the environment

October 24 01:10 2018

The results of research by the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that there are more than 65 ways we can use to improve environmental situation by using blockchain technology.

So new blockchain-based ecosystems can be developed by international platforms.

For example these networks could decentralize management of natural resources like energy and water and even help to promote greater sustainability by creating supply chains.

Also new funding mechanisms could be provided for raising money that is expected to be required.

Now there are some blockchain projects that are already solving such problems as the ecologically rational consumption of tuna stocks by tracing fish from the place of fishing to the store and also researching on possible ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the number of projects related to the spread of solar energy through distributed trade.

The research identifies six areas that can be positively improved by blockade technology: climate change, oceans, water security, clean air, biodiversity and conservation of endangered species and resistance to weather and disasters problems.

While the cases of using blockchain technology are mainly aimed to transform the financial industry, where companies and investors are at the center of attention.

Celine Herweijer, a partner at PwC UK is convinced that еhere is a great opportunity to use this emerging technology in a new way to help achieve great success in the field of environmental protection. The conclusion of a research shows that blockchain has a big potential.

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