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October 24 01:25 2018

Smoke with Confidence
Pipler Sanitizing Tissues are disinfecting wipes for any smoking accessory or mouthpiece. They reduce any cross contamination when sharing pipes/bongs with different individuals. It kills 99.9% of disease causing germs within seconds and they are specially formulated to clean the resin and tar. They are also safe on skin and can be used to clean sticky/dirty fingers after smoking. The wipes are non-flammable (Alcohol Free) and great for quick or deep cleaning.

Pipler Sanitizing Tissues: The Wipe for your Pipe

Pipler Sanitizing Tissues is a niche product that was created to fulfill the need to quickly and effectively sanitize all smoking accessories. While researching and creating the product, we focused on 3 different aspects:

a) Need
b) Effectiveness
c) Uniqueness

Is there a need for this type of product in the market? Will this be effective in doing its job? Will this be a unique product? The answer to all 3 questions was an overwhelming yes. While researching, there was no such product in the market that was actively selling at smoke shops and marijuana dispensaries. There was certainly a need for something like this since most smokers sharing a pipe or bong do not think about cleaning the device while sharing it. Also, there wasn’t a product out there that could quickly and effectively clean the resin and tar in the pipes. As we were developing the product, there was a deadly Hepatitis A outbreak in California in 2017, especially in San Diego County, which was spreading due to unsanitary conditions amongst drug users and some of them were also marijuana smokers. This also strengthened our trust in our product as well as it highlighted the need to sanitize your accessories regularly especially when sharing with other individuals. These wipes were specifically designed to kill 99% of the bacteria, completely disinfects the pipe or bong and are also effective against viruses, fungi and protozoa.

We also did research on the most common methods of cleaning the smoking accessories (pipes, bongs etc.) currently utilized by smokers. We found out that most of them weren’t cleaning them regularly and those who were, described it a time-consuming process with salt and alcohol or other cleaning liquids. This is where, again, the utility of our product was highlighted since this would quickly clean the resin and tar with no additional need to clean with salt and water or any other cleaning agent. These are also non-flammable (alcohol free) wipes so there would no risk when quickly reusing the smoking accessory.

That means, it’s an all in one product that cleans AND disinfects at the same time. We also designed it so that no animal or animal products were used in creating the wipes i.e. the wipes are completely vegan and safe on the skin. There are 50 wipes in each canister and precisely shaped to be conveniently used by any and all users. The wipes are easy to carry around and very easy to use.

Alternatively, plastic use (single use plastic – Hookah tips, etc.) is becoming an issue and California is imposing a ban on plastic straws starting in 2019. Some cities are banning single use plastic accessories. As a result of that, hookah lounges in many cities will be looking to find alternatives for the plastic tips. Our product is tailor made to replace those plastic tips, reduce or eliminate cross contamination and at the same time reduce plastic waste.

Check out the video links below to see the product in action:

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