R3V Data Center Officially Sets Sail To Create Blockchain Capacity Proof Technology Highland

August 05 22:39 2019

R3V Fortune Journey Glory Launches, Opening Ceremony Grand Convenes

On July 27th, the world’s leading cloud computing and electronic technology R&D company – R3V Data Center and its Blockchain Business School headquarter were officially launched in Da Nang city of Vietnam. Blockchain experts, scholars, and investors from all over the world gathered to witness the opening event of the R3V data center, and discussed the current status and development prospects of the Blockchain industry at the PoC Forum in the afternoon. R3V’s professionalism and high profile makes all attendees amazed in the live atmosphere.

R3V begins with the development of the core of the three major areas – Artificial Intelligence chip AI-883, AI-ATS Intelligent Algorithmic Trading System, PoC Capacity Proof Technology

AI-883 is an exclusive technology chip with high-speed computing power and deep learning. Through sophisticated machine learning, it is the perfect crystallization of FPGA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) operation. It accelerates the optimization of PoC capacity proof mining technology to achieve best use model and profit mechanism.

2019 Blockchain trend 

Recently, the global application of Blockchain has a highly positive development attitude. Both the government and the financial industry have been fully integrated in the Blockchain industry. Blockchain technology will redefine user relationships, business value, industry scale, and ecosystem.

The R3V Data Center Lab and the Blockchain Business School are headquartered in Da Nang, one of the municipalities directly under the Central Government of Vietnam, covering an area of 6,000 square foot. R3V provide free public welfare Blockchain Business School will attract local and even more overseas elites, to build a financial, technological and educational center.


R3VLab  has reached strategic consensus and technical cooperation with a number of well-known electronics companies, including 40-year-old Seagate. At the Asia Blockchain Summit 2019, held in Taipei on July 2nd, R3Vlab Senior Technical Director Mr. Nigel was invited to be the guest speaker and share the Blockchain outlook. 

R3V New outlook

R3V has mature technology and experience in the Encrypted Digital Currency and Blockchain industries. After the three core sectors are listed, they will lead the Blockchain industry to new changes.

AI-883 is favored by international venture capital, this is because R3V is based on a solid technology, perfect financial supervision and innovative technology. The future can also be applied to investment financial derivatives, including foreign exchange, funds, and options etc. On July 27th, we have witnessed the three core technologies in Da Nang city of Vietnam, and opened a new blueprint for R3V in China and around the whole world.

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