Resmarr Offers Online Reputation Management Services with Guaranteed Results

August 29 17:12 2019
Resmarr brings an array of services to the table, specifically designed and customized for SMEs and local businesses that will establish and ultimately strengthen their foothold in the digital landscape.

Reputation management is important for SMEs and local businesses. It is simply the process of knowing what’s happening to your brand, how it looks online and what’s being said about you. It safeguards business invaluable assets – their brand. The idea is to make sure that customers who have done business with them are sharing that positive experience online with other potential customers.

Start-up ‘Resmarr’ is on a mission to aid SMEs in an area where a lot of struggle – Online Reputation Management. Although SMEs and local businesses are extremely aware that their online reputation can affect the business, only a few are able to truly monitor, manage and present their online presence in a meaningful way.

Bolu Jegede, Head of Growth at Resmarr said in a recent interview “We’re all excited here at Resmarr, this has been a number of years in the making. Having seen how larger corporations manage presence and engage with their customers online, we felt that SMEs weren’t able to replicate the successes of the larger corporations. Most of the time this is due to a knowledge gap in knowing how to make their online presence work for them or in other cases, simply not having the time to focus on it.”

He continued: “Our main focus this year has been ensuring that we can provide the right platform for local businesses that will allow them to feel confident and proud of their presence online and ultimately increase sales and grow their business. We know that consumers have access to a wide variety of information and people will search for SMEs and local businesses’ reviews and will ultimately make a purchasing decision based on what they read. Resmarr is looking to streamline that process and make it efficient.”

Reputation management entails constant monitoring of an individual, brand or company. Dealing with the issues that pose any threat of damaging their reputation. Resmarr is raising the bar in the online reputation management industry as they continue to ensure that businesses rule the digital landscape like a champion!

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