Atlanta DUI Lawyers record huge victory in Vver Manslaughter Case

August 29 17:18 2019
Atlanta DUI Lawyers record huge victory in Vver Manslaughter Case
Popular Atlanta DUI Lawyers, Howard and Arca, wins a major manslaughter case in Atlanta City against all odds

Leading DUI lawyer Atlanta firm has recorded a significant victory in a manslaughter case that has gripped the city of Atlanta for some time, winning the case and getting a minimum penalty for their client. The case was particularly different, and the attorneys at Howard and Arca Law Firm did well to get their client justice. The feat is remarkable as it is the first time in many years someone got off with no penalty in a case of this magnitude.

Causing death to another human being is a grievous offense, and it can come in two ways – murder or manslaughter. While murder is the intentional killing of another person, manslaughter is unintentional and occurs due to an accident. Manslaughter can also be either voluntary or involuntary with involuntary slaughter involving killing someone while doing something legal in an illegal way. Voluntary manslaughter, on the other hand, is murder with provocation, otherwise described as a “heat of passion” crime. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident, killing another individual can be devastating not only to the families of the victim but also to the offender. Consequently, it is usually difficult for offenders to go unpunished. However, the Atlanta DUI Lawyers duo has done excellently well over the years to represent their clients and get the best possible judgment duly.


The firm’s excellent service delivery, with a proven track record of jury trial victories, successful negotiations of pre-trial dismissals of DUI and VGCSA charges for hundreds of clients have made Howard and Arca the choice of clients in and around Atlanta.

In addition to representing clients in cases of murder, other service areas of Howard and Arca include drug crimes, gang crimes, serious felonies, domestic violence, white-collar crimes, and theft crimes.

Over the years, the firm has recorded more than 850 dismissed cases, representing over 2,000 satisfied customers in their more than two decades of service. The firm also provides helpful legal information and tips to clients and other such users of the website via their blog.

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About Howard and Arca Law Firm

Howard and Arca is a dedicated team of criminal defense attorneys providing a wide range of services to clients in and around Atlanta, GA. The firm practices aggressive, but conscientious and ethical, misdemeanor, felony and appellate representation, ensuring their clients, juvenile and adults, get justice in every case.

Founded by Bryan Howard Esq. and Alejandro Arca, the firm has grown to become one of the most sought-after legal practices in Atlanta.

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