Yusuf Afolabi, the founder of Grow Your Revenue talks about how digital marketing can help small businesses increase their revenue

November 22 15:30 2019

Yusuf Afolabi is the founder and CEO of Grow your Revenue, full-service website design and digital marketing agency that has been helping both local and large scale businesses in growing their customer base and online presence of their business through digital marketing. The company established in 2013, has served hundreds of clients and helped them in growing their revenue by 3 times on average, of their initial revenue.

In this exclusive interview, Yusuf Afolabi talks about the various components of digital marketing and how it can be a boon to any business struggling to get customers and generate revenue.

Interviewer: Give us a brief of your background.

Yusuf Afolabi: My name is Yusuf Afolabi, founder, and CEO of Grow Your Revenue. I have been in the online marketing and digital sales industry since 2010. I enjoy helping local and large businesses improve their online reputation, drive more traffic to their websites, generate online leads, acquire new customers and make more sales.

Interviewer: How did you start “Grow your Revenue”?

Yusuf Afolabi: In 2010, I started an eCommerce store that was selling products in the baby/kids niche, with no experience in website designing I paid a website developer to build an eCommerce store for me. After the website was built, I realized that it wasn’t getting any traffic which resulted in no sales. I did some research and realized that the only way to drive traffic to my eCommerce store was by digital marketing.

I paid for a 6-month digital marketing course, gained the website design and digital marketing knowledge that I needed. Incorporate those skills set in my store and started making sales.

In 2013 I realized that a lot of local businesses were facing the same challenge that I was facing when I first started my eCommerce store which is driving traffic to their website or place of business via online marketing, this led me to start Grow Your Revenue.

Interviewer: What are the various aspects of digital marketing?

Yusuf Afolabi: There are multiple aspects of digital marketing, at Grow Your Revenue we focus on providing 5 key services which are Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Interviewer: How does it help businesses in generating revenue?

Yusuf Afolabi: We live in a digital world, almost every consumer has multiple electronic devices (laptop, tablets and smartphones) The basics of marketing is to expose your brand, products or services to potential clients at the place they hang out, in today’s world everybody hangs out online, when a business incorporates online marketing into their marketing plan they get a better return on investments than any of the traditional marketing strategies that they have executed in the past.

Interviewer: What kind of businesses can go for digital marketing?

Yusuf Afolabi: Digital marketing is designed to help any kind of business increase their online presence, generate leads, make more sales and gain new customers.

Interviewer: Tell us something about the clients you have worked with?

Yusuf Afolabi: The majority of the clients we have worked with are business owners that have no idea how to go about building an online presence and reputation for their business. They reach out to us because of our know-how and expertise in digital marketing. 

Interviewer: How do you stand out from your counterparts?

Yusuf Afolabi: One of the advantages that separates Grow Your Revenue from the pack is the track record that we have built in the digital marketing industry. Majority of our clients come to us either through referrals from other business owners or through reading our reviews online. We are performance driving and obsessed with providing exceptional customer service.

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