Viral Video Expert, Lucy Stevens, Debuts New Omni-Channel Video Marketing Service

November 22 20:51 2019

Nov 22, 2019 – Lucy Stevens, CEO of LVS Digital, a Viral Video Marketing Agency, helps purpose driven entrepreneurs create 6 months of content in just 3 days, allowing them to be completely hands-off for the remainder of the time. This strategy helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs establish their authority, automate lead generation, and make a bigger impact on their industry in less time than ever before.

“As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly being pulled in 1000 different directions. Considering that time is a limited, yet extremely valuable resource, we have to make every minute count. What if I told you that creating just 1 piece of content could generate as many as 30 different assets in as little as 30 minutes?” questions the CEO. Stevens has devised a way to maximize the ROI of 1 video by remodeling it into email newsletters and blogs, as well as a variety of posts for platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for her clients.

“LVS Digital gave me clarity on the confusing landscape of video marketing, helping my business reach 10,000 raving fans in less than a few weeks,” said inner beauty expert, Rachele Fialco.

Stevens challenges successful entrepreneurs to answer the question ‘if you could have more of 1 thing what would it be?’ Nearly 100% of impact driven entrepreneurs answered similarly – more time.  Stevens, taking these responses into consideration, has set out to create a marketing strategy that could run on auto-pilot for her clients, allowing them to direct their focus on their zone of genius instead.

The myriad of platforms grasping for your audience’s attention can be confusing to navigate, for purpose driven entrepreneurs, especially those who might not have a background in marketing. “Viral Video Marketing” is the least time intensive omni-present marketing strategy currently offered.

“Lucy is very intuitive and capable,” said boutique owner, Chelsea Karol. “[An] easy person to work with. Her strategies make working with various tech and marketing channels seamless.”

About Lucy Stevens

Lucy Stevens is the CEO of LVS Digital and creator of the “Viral Video Marketing”. LVS Digital has helped over 30 brands enjoy successful launches,  partnered with well-known businesses, including Grey Goose Vodka, to conduct social media campaigns and continuously supports new startups, some of which have generated over $38,000 in revenue within the first 30 days of business.

To learn more about LVS Digital, call 646-801-6344 or send an email to

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