Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn Unite Three Billion People in a Global Prayer Amidst the Coronavirus Crisis

March 30 21:12 2020

Over three billion people from all the corners of the world joined together in a global prayer service led by the esteemed pastors of the global evangelical movement, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church and Pastor Benny Hinn, to pray for an end to the spread of the coronavirus.

During a moment of uncertainty as the world grapples with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn brought together three billion people from around the globe in an inspirational Global Prayer. The event is a milestone in digital and multimedia communications. These new pathways of communication have enabled the Word of God to reach billions of people simultaneously as never before.

The online offering of the Global Prayer Service drew people from 247 countries and territories actively participating in the united prayer. Major television stations in 95 countries broadcast the event across their systems on Friday night. The communal prayer was also carried by radio systems in 189 countries with 472 individual radio stations taking part in sharing the Global Prayer Service with their audience.

The unprecedented event allowed those who are confined to their homes due to increasing travel and movement restrictions put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) an opportunity to come together through the Word of God. The prayers of Pastor Chris offered solace and peace to those who are suffering.

The Man of God asked for participants to not only pray for themselves but to pray for all of those across the world whose lives have been affected by the crisis caused by the infectious disease. Pastor Chris reminded those who joined the prayers that when praying for the healing of others, you must pray for longer, and you mustn’t cease until your prayers have been affirmed.

Three billion people joined together to pray for an end to the spread of the virus that has killed tens of thousands and brought society to a near standstill. The timely and meaningful messages brought by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn were also an effort to initiate what is likely to be a lengthy process of global healing.

The landmark event will be rebroadcast in addition to live programs encouraging communal prayers over the coming days. Those who wish to take part in upcoming prayer sessions can register here to confirm their participation.

About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder and president of Loveworld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy. He is the lead pastor of a global network of Christian churches with millions of congregants and followers. Pastor Chris has preached and taught a transformative revelation of God’s Word for over 30 years and led a unique ministry that caters to the spiritual and material needs of millions around the world. He has held massive Christian events throughout the world, from Nigeria to South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom and more.

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