Leading MMA news website Middle Easy launches new advanced Calories Burned Calculator

April 03 04:36 2020
Calories Burned Calculator by Middle Easy calculates calories burned by a person as well as his/her BMR and BMI after a certain workout or exercise session.

Los Angeles, CA – April 03, 2020 – Top MMA news platform Middle Easy is pleased to announce the launch of its next-gen Calorie Burned Calculator on its website this month. The calculator is designed to calculate the amount of calories a person has burned right after performing a certain activity or exercise. The calculator can be used by both male and female users and one can specify his or her gender on the calculator before calculation.

As per the statements of the chief spokesperson from Middle Easy, one needs to monitor his/her calorie intake and calorie burned regularly to keep tab on the progress of physical exercise and diet plans. If a person’s calorie consumption is lower compared to his/her calorie output, s/he would be able to lose weight effectively.

“It’s important to calculate how many calories one is consuming currently against his/her basal metabolic rate (sum of calories the body burns on its own) and calories burned through regular workout sessions. This is where our state-of-the-art online Calories Burned Calculator will be a handy tool for you. Our calculator will calculate how many calories you have burned after a certain exercise session as well as your BMR and BMI, conveniently and fast. You will just need to put some basic details and the calculator will automatically calculate out the necessary calculations in just minutes. The results will help you to predict whether you are taking the right path and whether you need to lose or gain weight, based on your specific fitness goals” stated the spokesperson.

The Calorie Burned Calculator will consider user’s gender, height, age, and weight while calculating the BMI, BMR and calories burned.

Speaking on, the spokesperson explained, every kind of exercise is assigned with a MET measurement as per its specific intensity quotient. 1 MET is expressed as 1 kg/kcal/hour and the calculator will count the user’s time spent in physical activity and his/her weight in kilogram to state the number of calories the person has burned post workout. 

“It’s true that there are diverse ways to perform the same calculation as well as many sources and tables of METs. But then, not all these are accurate and reliable. Thus, it’s wiser to bank on a calculator like Calorie Burned Calculator as its specifically engineered to make the job easier for you. Our calculator allows you to enter your weight in pounds or kilograms so that its convenient for you to gauge the calculated results.”

While asked about the exercises or workouts covered by the calculator, the spokesperson stressed on a vast range. According to his statements, the Middle Easy Calories Burned Calculator encompasses as many as 250+ exercises along with their METs (all gathered from the most credible sources).  

“The fun part is our calculator can not only calculate data for one single workout but even for multiple exercises simultaneously at the same time.”

About Middle Easy

Middle Easy is a renowned online resource for the MMA and UFC world. From news reports to rumors, the website promises to present updated information on all the latest happenings in the Mixed Martial Arts scene. 

For more, please visit https://middleeasy.com/calories-burned-calculator/.

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