BDP Call Center Helps Companies Scale and Focus on Growth with Quality Customer Service

October 31 18:03 2020
BDP Call Center Helps Companies Scale and Focus on Growth with Quality Customer Service
This company provides strategies to help businesses face today’s challenges and secure successful long-term business solutions

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, online businesses are busier than ever. Firms need to stay innovative to remain relevant. Customer services provider BDP Call Center understands how crucial it is for businesses to generate out-of-the-box ideas, especially in these tough times. To help companies focus on creatively expanding their brand, the company offers a high-quality customer service experience with well-educated and well-spoken North American agents.

“Now if you want to double down and boost revenue for your company, try combining our inbound customer care with our lead generation services via web partials, abandons, calling, qualifying leads, etc and now you have really found the key to monetizing every opportunity available,” said Jack Ferguson, BDP Call Center Vice President of Sales.

“Customer service is an integral part of the overall shopping experience – before, during, and after the sale. The experience and quality of each customer service interaction will greatly impact the customer’s opinion and their continued loyalty to your brand”, according to BDP.

BDP partners and acts as an extension of a business. Beyond simply answering customer inquiries, the company will undertake actions such as order taking, cross-selling, up-selling, and building the bond that creates customer loyalty.

BDP offers e-commerce, SaaS, start-up customer, affiliate marketing, and ticket handling customer support. It also provides analytics and Bigdog Payments services. Bigdog Payments is a Canada-based firm. It specializes in dispute mitigation, revenue retention, and online payment processing solutions for online direct marketing campaigns and e-commerce merchants.

BDP has a very entrepreneurial vision and this differentiates them from a lot of call centers in the online space. It also focuses on building long-term partnerships, providing quality services to lead businesses to success, and assisting company leaders in their growth processes.

Every program that BDP develops is established with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics to self-govern their performance. The company compensates its agents through KPI metrics reporting and has seen how positively the results have reflexed this. An agent scorecard is produced every day automatically through BDP’s systems and is emailed out to the agents so that they know how well they are performing.

BDP also offers custom-built campaigns to achieve the highest metrics or results for each customer service program that they manage. The company veers away from using a “cookie-cutter” solution and it customizes programs depending on a brand’s business model.

The team at BDP will strive to fully understand every facet of a business model and customize a solution that gives the company the best numbers. This customization allows the company to hit its KPIs.

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