Top tips to the production process of paper packaging and printing

November 13 01:34 2020
Top tips to the production process of paper packaging and printing

Packaging box manufacturers must have the necessary tensile strength and wear resistance during screen printing to ensure excellent stretch screen and packaging printing standards, and can achieve the packaging printing of mass production products and the recycling and reuse of screen plates. Utilize, the standard wire of the screen is smooth and tidy, the size of the mesh is evenly distributed, the square is square, the relative density is even, the ductility is small, the shrinkage rate should be low, avoid the deformation of the mesh or the blockage of the mesh, and facilitate the production of the printing plate And the implementation of packaging and printing operations. The screen should have chemical resistance performance indicators, strong acid resistance, alkali resistance performance indicators and anti-aging performance indicators. The influence of various solvents, printing inks, and pastes should be reduced to a minimum. It is easy to scrub, and the image of the printing plate can be preserved, so that the printing plate will not become brittle and scrapped due to long-term storage. The screen must have the necessary tensile strength. The tensile strength cannot be too large or too small. If it is too large, it is very easy to cause unclear images on the outer edge of the packaging and printing; it is difficult to print with the squeegee when it is too small. Scientific and reasonable elasticity should be mainly based on the size of the image, the distance between the screen frame and the substrate during packaging and printing, and the station scheduling of printing inks and pastes.

Fully consider from the viscosity and viscosity of the printing ink or from the ink film wall thickness that the printing ink can achieve the ideal relative density. The order of black-cyan-magenta-yellow is used for packaging and printing. It is a more scientific and reasonable line sequence. Also, because the properties of magenta and cyan printing inks are similar, the line sequence is often changed according to the needs in packaging printing. In addition, in packaging and printing, they also carry out some line sequence adjustments due to certain requirements, but generally speaking, it is necessary to carry out on the basis of the basic principles. Therefore, the reasonable arrangement of the line sequence must first fully consider the specific content and characteristics of the original drawing. In the case of designing the page layout of drawings and texts, customers usually have already selected the color matching of the layout design color matching. This main color means that the overall feeling of the matching of all colors has become the dominant color in packaging printing. From the perspective of color matching attributes, those with red, orange, and yellow as the main tones are called warm colors; those with cyan, green, and blue as the main tones are called cool colors. Because of the hiding power of printing inks, generally speaking, warm tones are mainly printed in black and cyan, followed by magenta and yellow; in cool colors, magenta is printed first, followed by cyan. Specifically, everyone hopes that the child’s face will be a healthy pink color on the printed matter, and they don’t want to see that the result of packaging printing is purple or green. When the line sequence is different, the actual effect of the color cast is naturally different. Therefore, the color that needs to be strengthened in the atmosphere of the picture can be better actual effect when placed in the packaging and printing of the latter color.

During the printing operation of the packaging box manufacturer, the printer head must always pay special attention to the specific changes of the data signal bar to ensure that the field relative density on the data signal bar is within the standard specified range, and the gray is stable and balanced without color cast The 80 dots are not slurred, and the printed matter at this moment can be regarded as a standard sample. The chief press only has a good grasp of the above aspects before he can do his job with ease. In addition, in the process of printing operations, the head of the printing press also needs to ensure the speed of the printing machinery and equipment is stable, and frequently compares with the signed samples to deal with the risks in time.

In the post-production and processing procedures of many packages for printing, many products are indispensable for the two processes of holographic hot stamping and text embossing hot stamping, and the distance between holographic patterns and embossed hot stamping characters is relatively close. Whether it is holographic hot stamping or text embossing hot stamping (the actual effect of embossed metal), its purpose is to better improve the basic functions of product anti-counterfeiting and basic text decoration. Generally speaking, holographic hot stamping includes positioning hot stamping and non-positioning hot stamping. The positioning hot stamping patterns are unified and have the basic functions of anti-counterfeiting; the non-positioning hot stamping patterns are distributed regularly, and the actual anti-counterfeiting effect is not good. The technicality is mainly for positioning hot stamping. 

The flexographic ink layer is relatively thin, and the confusion that may affect the printing production capacity due to the difficulty of ink drying is relatively small. At this stage of flexographic printing presses, regardless of type or unit type, packaging box manufacturers can apply ink and wash without the need to update or modify the drying system, and the printing speed is basically not affected. Flexo printing uses anilox roller inking and indirect ink transfer. Compared with the short ink path of gravure printing, the ink path of flexo printing is slightly longer, and the regulations on the surface dry characteristics of the ink are not very strict. Therefore, it is not necessary to update the inking unit of printing equipment to adapt to the surface dry characteristics of ink. Flexo printing does not have the quality risk of the knife wire when applying solvent ink, even if the same ink and squeegee are used as the gravure process. Switching to ink and wash still will not cause such failures, and the packaging box manufacturer can also avoid a series of complicated calculations such as resin mixing and emulsion compounding in the ink design.

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