Pass The Torch Distribution: The Hottest Distribution Company on the Block

December 02 10:18 2020
Pass The Torch Distribution: The Hottest Distribution Company on the Block

Pass The Torch Distribution is not just making an entrance into the music scene; it is making a grand entrance with the introduction of talented artist Doom Da Wiz. The music world has gone completely digital, with music success being measured by the number of streams and plays. Pass The Torch Distribution aims to be the distribution platform that will help many new and existing artists get heard on digital outlets. The company’s first signing, Doom Da Wiz, is planning to release an album, which will be the company’s way of announcing its arrival.

Pass The Torch Distribution will utilize platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, etc., to promote artists and help them stay on top of music charts. Doom Da Wiz is a multi-talented musical artist who produced all the tracks on the album, directed the music videos, and performed some of the songs too. He is poised to take the music industry by storm and dominate.

Pass The Torch Distribution aims to connect underground hip-hop artists with mainstream hip-hop audiences and make them heard all over the United States and the world at large. The team at Pass The Torch is made up of people well-grounded in the hip-hop music scene. The CEO, Michael Deering, AKA Mikey D, is a hip-hop legend from Queens who knows everything about hip-hop and what it takes to be a successful hip-hop artist. The two other co-founders are Pritt Kalsi, AKA Key Figures, a hip-hop journalist from London who serves as the president, and Calvin Smith, AKA Cal Cutter, a photographer, graphic designer, and bodyguard who serves as the vice-president of Pass The Torch Distribution.

They have established a formidable team that has set its sights on dominating the industry. With help from Rob Schwartz of WhoMag Multimedia and Sony Music Group/The Orchard, Pass The Torch is on the journey to taking over.

Each member of the company’s executive has a life-long passion for hip-hop. Establishing the company is a direct result of the desire to expand and do more for the music industry. Pass The Torch is making its arrival with a bang, and in the CEO’s own words, “There’s a new sheriff in town, and that sheriff is Pass The Torch Distribution.” The five-year goal is to promote Doom Da Wiz to a point where everyone knows him, and he is walking to the Grammy Awards stage to pick up an award.

Pass The Torch will continue to search for underground artists who are looking for their big break. And at the same time, the artists signed to the company will be getting their music on various platforms to get heard. Pass The Torch initially started as a platform where music aficionados can come together and have musical debates, but now the vision has become bigger, and who knows what else may be in the pipeline for the next few years.

Learn more about Pass The Torch Distribution on the official website.

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