Patrick Beck Proves to be Unstoppable as He Launches Several Businesses in One Go

December 02 10:21 2020
Patrick Beck Proves to be Unstoppable as He Launches Several Businesses in One Go

In the middle of a cutthroat environment such as the one being fostered in the realms of commerce, some exceptional people are determined to make bold strides across a competitive industry. Among those who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the mundane is Patrick Beck, a man packed with unparalleled tenacity and a highly determined spirit.

As a tycoon in multiple industries, Patrick Beck sheds light on how he became the founder of several businesses such as Kingpin Coffee, Kingpin Glass, SMi, Boss Glass, and The Bull and Bear Stock Market Group.

Born and bred with an unparalleled passion for getting ahead, Patrick Beck always had a knack for chasing his dreams and achieving his goals. For as long as he can remember, Patrick never had a real job in his life. He was always the boss. As a matter of fact, his passion for business manifested when he was a seven-year-old young entrepreneur selling candy and popcorn around the neighborhood. As time went by, he brought this vigor with him along with the family’s undying support for his dreams. But the person who influenced him the most was his great grandfather, Dr. Colonel Walter “Mumu” Moore, a man filled with the same passion as Patrick.

Fueled by these many sources of motivation to chase his dreams, Patrick Beck then breathed life to his goals by creating art through glassware. His passion and dedication towards building his craft sent waves of changes around the world that propelled him to establish his glassware companies – Boss Glass and Kingpin Glass. Through the wonderfully made products that these companies have to offer, they have catapulted Patrick’s business towards greatness and allowed him to travel to over 12 countries and 40 different states. They have also bolstered Patrick to promote the gift of art across the world and inspire others to innovate and create solutions. With his exceptional capacities and his companies’ prowess, Patrick currently has multimillion-dollar goblets in art galleries and museums worldwide.

One goblet, titled, “Angel From Above,” was made with borosilicate glass and 24 kt gold. Patrick won 3 awards for it and was flown out to China by the Shanghai government. The whole event was televised, and they paid for the trip. There he met the mayor of Heijing City on stage and got to see all of Beijing and some of the Wall of China. The goblet was made in 2018 and it was made using a Venetian AirTrap retticello technique he picked up while traveling and earned from Marcel Braun during the filming of Project 33, a documentary about glass manufacturing. This also was a huge inspiration to many of the ideas Patrick has regarding governments and regulations for the future of society. 

Proving his sterling reputation across multiple industries, Patrick Beck is currently working on innovating the coffee industry by launching an online gourmet coffee business called Kingpin Coffee. He is also running other businesses like SMi and plans to open a stock market group designed to create and implement solutions in the business sector called The Bull and Bear Stock Market Group.

Steve Vai, who taught Patrick a lot about traveling and how to handle being on stage as a musician, has been a huge inspiration and drive for his success. Currently, Patrick is also working on an album that he has been working on for years. Patrick was also in foster care as a kid and graduated high school early at 16. This ties into Steve Vai because he raises money and leads a foster care organization, which in turn inspired Patrick to help fund charities and do good things for the communities. 

Although Patrick Beck has already made a mark in multiple industries across the globe, he wishes to remind everyone that his successes would not have been possible without the time and effort Patrick invested in his pursuits. Now, as a trailblazing founder of Kingpin Glass, Boss Glass, Kingpin Coffee, SMi, and The Bull and Bear Stock Market Group, Patrick hopes to inspire others with his story of triumphs and how he achieved them with grit and perseverance.

To know more about the companies that Patrick Beck is currently managing, you may visit Kingpin Glass and Kingpin Coffee’s websites.

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