The New World Report Picks Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) for the 2020 Software and Technology Awards

January 05 08:33 2021
Each year, the awards showcase researchers and doctors’ pioneering efforts like Dr. Waismann, who has treated over 24000 patients with opioid dependency across more than 24 countries worldwide.

Dr. Waismann’s highly successful treatment of patients suffering from opioid dependency across Israel and Europe using Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) has been chosen for the 2020 Software and Technology Awards. The treatment developed by Dr. Waismann continues to help people with opioid dependency issues with his newest clinic opening in Florida, which is said to be one of many to open soon across many US cities. 

The Software and Technology Awards are given out each year to pioneers in various research and technology fields. The awards’ goal is to highlight the work of cutting-edge researchers and industry disruptors who are striving to take their industries to new heights. The advanced products and often services that have helped and continue to help people make the world a better place are recognized by the publication each year. 

Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) is considered a cutting edge form of treatment developed by Dr. Waismann to treat individuals with opioid dependence and addiction. It uses a modern scientific and wholly medical approach, which has fortunately ushered in a new era of opioid addiction treatment for many who suffer from the issue. 

ANR is poised to replace the traditional form of medication replacement therapy and long-stay rehabs dubbed. ANR proponents say that long-term inpatient rehab, medication replacement therapy, and drug detoxification cannot deliver the same consistent results since they don’t address the root of the opioid dependency that takes place in the brain, which makes ANR a superior form of treatment. It also helps addicts to avoid active withdrawal while bringing the body and brain back into their pre-addiction state, which ensures a craving-free life, successfully averting a relapse for many sufferers. 

Readers can find out more about ANR treatment and the ANR Clinic by visiting its official website

“ANR has shown to be an essential step towards offering opiate addicts a full treatment for a potentially lethal condition. Among the existing therapies, ANR is the only one that proposes an effective way of winning over withdrawal.” – Tal Rauchwerger, Medical Researcher.

“Its only the beginning. We will take a big role in fighting the opioid epidemic in the US. This is why we’re here.” Said Dr. Waismann. 

He added, “Every opioid-dependent patient deserves to be treated like any other patients who go to the hospital with pain in his knee – with humane medical treatment.”

About ANR Clinic 

Founded by Dr. Waismann, the ANR Clinic has been responsible for treating thousands of people across multiple continents. The ANR form of treatment has become the best, most scientifically backed method of treating all forms of opioid addiction and dependence. 

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