STEK Care PPE Shield & Smile Protector: Changing the Face of Safety

January 20 15:39 2021

As infection counts rise across the globe, the current COVID-19 crisis continues to demonstrate the grave necessity of wearing a mask. Numerous countries have mandated the wearing of masks in public places, changing the very nature of their citizens’ day-to-day lives. While crucial in the effort to prevent disease transmission, many have found these masks to be the source of great discomfort, especially when worn for long hours. By covering most of the face and blocking facial expressions, traditional masks unfortunately impede natural communication. In response to this issue, STEK Care began to develop two ingenious solutions—ones that would preserve all the protective qualities of conventional masks while facilitating much warmer, more human interactions.

After rigorous research and testing, STEK Care released the PPE Shield and Smile Protector: two transparent, antimicrobial face coverings that protect the wearer while enabling clear communication. The PPE Shield, a PET face shield designed to block contaminants such as fluid spray and pollen, provides maximum coverage for use in a wide range of sectors, from construction work to food service. Allowing for convenient extended use, the PPE Shield allows users to flip up the adjustable visor, which locks in place and flips back down quickly and easily; and thanks to its foam headband and anti-fog sides, PPE Shield ensures a comfortable fit and a crystal-clear line of vision. 

The Smile Protector, on the other hand, is a mask featuring a transparent micropolymer coating that allows the wearer’s smile to shine through. By offering a clear view of the wearer’s mouth area, the Smile Protector allows for much greater levels of nonverbal expression, even as it continues to fully protect the wearer. STEK’s proprietary antimicrobial coating quickly destroys respiratory droplets, aerosols, fine dust, and other dangerous microparticles, guarding against both infectious agents and environmental irritants.

While effectively preventing disease transmission, the Smile Protector makes natural communication possible again. Those who rely on nonverbal expression in everyday life—from educators and caretakers to people who are deaf or hard of hearing—particularly benefit from the Smile Protector’s transparency. Thanks to its anti-fog properties, this mask remains comfortable even during extended use, guaranteeing maximum visibility throughout the day. Indoors and outdoors, all while promoting public health and safety, both the PPE Shield and the Smile Protector restore a human touch to users’ day-to-day interactions with those around them—demonstrating that the enforcement of social distancing measures can still allow for social and emotional engagement.

As mask-wearing became compulsory for many around the world, people began to search for solutions that would help them to proceed with normal life as much as possible. As the limitations of traditional masks became increasingly apparent, these people, including prominent figures in the public eye, began embracing the PPE Shield and Smile Protector, along with the advantages they undoubtedly provided. As quarantine and strict social distancing remains the reality for countless populations, safely maintaining any type of social connection has become crucial. Protecting both the physical and mental wellbeing of its users, the PPE Shield and Smile Protector allow people to engage with each other much as they did before—preserving the very mechanism that makes communication human.

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