Illya Shpetrik – Redefining fashion, Creating a Sustainable Fashion Brand

April 05 05:56 2021
Fashion has evolved over the years because as the thoughts of people changes, so has the trend of fashion changes over time. Consumers are becoming more mindful of their purchases and seeking awareness of where their clothes come from. As a result, fashion companies are transforming their operating practices or business models to improve transparency about their manufacturing processes and standards.

For Illya Shpetrik, it is not all about fashion, it is about the environment. Illya Shpetrik’s core belief when it comes to fashion is that the environment comes first and fashion second. The Illya Shpetrik Fashion label is a truly unique fashion label that shuns ‘fast-fashion,’ opting for ‘sustainable sartorial standards.’ All his products are made with integrity and created with consideration for the environment with eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. His fashion label is unique, innovative, and sustainable. It is worn by those with a love of the world around us. That is why one can never find a single Illya Shpetrik piece of clothing or fashion item dumped anywhere in the world, a true source of pride for the designer.

Illya Shpetrik was born during an era of market excess in the 1980s, into a typical English family, with a mother who worked in a store and a father who worked in financial services. Illya is passionate about the environment and has a variety of passion projects that fuel his fashion label, Illya Shpetrik Fashion.

Giving back to communities and the world is as important as it has ever been, and charity is an important part of our being. Illya Shpetrik knows that giving back can take many forms, so he supports a number of charities and causes all over the world. Illya Shpetrik longs for clean oceans, a healthy world, and a more pure future for all of us.

As a fashion designer, environmentalist, and conservation champion, these has helped fueled his passion to create sustainable fashion projects for his fashion label, Illya Shpetrik Fashion. It involves creating fashion brands which are distinct, unique and Eco-friendly.

He collaborates with other fashion brands and companies that share the same dreams and goals with him for a truly safe and sustainable world. “We don’t pollute, we improve, and keeping our environment sustainable and pure is part of what makes the Illya Shpetrik brand so special and unique” – Illya Shpetrik

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