Introducing Aemilius Cupero, an industry-leading financial recovery firm that helps its clients recover their funds from online scams

April 05 15:26 2021

Aemilius Cupero® is an industry-leading, global-reaching financial recovery firm that helps its clients recover their funds from various online scams, deceptive individuals or entities, registered or unregistered, in any part of the world.

According to new data published by the Investment Association, sophisticated fraudsters have ratcheted up their operations to target retail investors, as incidents of large-scale investment scams nearly quadrupled since July of 2020. The scams clone genuine investment management firms through impersonated products, websites, and documentation, and then promote the fake products through fake price comparison websites and adverts on social media and search engines. This comes with an estimated total reported loss to savers from these scams which doubled from approximately £4m in July to £9.4m in October with over 200 people affected.

Similar online fraudulent activities abound in other sectors such as Binary Options, Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency, ICOs, Shipping Container Leasing Companies, and ‘Aemilius Cupero’ is primed to ably represent clients affected by these scams with their impeccable services.

Tested and trusted, ‘Aemilius Cupero’ boasts some of the world’s best experts in the legal field. The company has an assortment of the necessary paraphernalia needed to recover client’s money, which includes investigation, regulation compliance, welcoming support, filing and bookkeeping, accounts, Forensic IT, complemented by an impressive 24×7 Chat and Call Support for all 365 days. All these, when put together, makes ‘Aemilius Cupero’ a force to be reckoned with in legal recovery.

Speaking about their services, a company executive, Daniel Wade, said: “We have an intelligence-gathering team that hunts down subterrene information about unregulated businesses who are involved in frauds and illegal activities. We have served clients across the globe to retrieve millions of dollars. The solicitors we work with have yet to fail a case using the intelligence we provide. Let us know if we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let our experts scrutinize your case for no cost whatsoever.”

Excellent service in any field is mostly followed by recognitions and accolades, and it’s no different with ‘Aemilius Cupero’. The company has been featured in many newspapers, magazines, and on television. Many of its clients have nothing but praise for their flawless services. “Aemilius Cupero is the best option for all your financial tragedies. Their innovative countermeasures and enhanced techniques of working is jaw-dropping and appreciated globally!” declared a satisfied client, Zoe Ferguson. Another client, Adrian Smith, said: “Aemilius Cupero is always compliant with their client’s needs. Moreover, they’re immensely professional in their work, which will land you the results at your desk in no time.”

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