Gratefulness Journey Every Day – A Guide to Thrive In Life Following Three Simple Steps

April 05 22:48 2021
Get hands-on a simple and easy to read the book that teaches tips and techniques on living a truly content and gratuitous life.

Detroit, MI, United States As cliché, as it sounds, being grateful in life is proven to be an extremely important factor to live a truly successful and meaningful life. No matter where one stands in life and where one wants to reach, having a sense of gratitude makes people feel content with what they have and who they are. But what if there comes a time when life just doesn’t work as one has planned or nothing in life goes right? What if someone has just witnessed the loss of a closed one, or watched an old marriage dissolve in front of one’s very own eyes. Or, what if one has experienced a bitter betrayal by a trustworthy person? Though easier said, than done, it is gratitude that helps people move forwards in life through thick and thin. 

Grateful Journey Every Day focuses on these fundamentals that are the very core of human life. Heartbreaking and motivational in its true sense, the book shed lights on the practical tools and resources to enable a person to not only look at the bright side but also get on the brighter side that one is looking at. Marcus R. Holmes, also the HR Passion Guy, and a 24-year Certified Human Resource Professional has penned down this book based on expertise in human resource and lessons learned from his life grievances. About the book, one of the readers has said “Amazing book! Transformative! Love the Psych aspect of the book.”

The book focuses on training the brain and creating strong habits following three simple steps to transform thought pattern and inevitably changing the way a person experiences life. If one wants to live a meaningful life that is filled with true joy, a sense of purpose and self-confidence then this book is a go-to asset that one cannot miss out on. Besides that, this book is also a very useful resource to understand how one’s presence, words and actions create an impact by simple living a bold and passionate life. 

Though the tools and techniques taught in this book are simple but not easy, there is no reason why people should not choose a life that they are worthy of. The journey laid out by the HR passion guy is simple, easy to read and easy to follow. One must not forget that grateful living in 30 days can only happen the principles mentioned in the book that is now available on Amazon:

About the Author:

Marcus R Holmes comes with 23 years of experience in the Human Resource arena and is also a strategic business partner, an activist, a cultural steward and an employee relations leader. He is known for creating and implementing Human Resources programs and taking initiatives to build a great place which has made him an exceptional leader that pushes everyone around to greatness. 

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