Alisa Murray’s New Suspense and Thriller Novel, ‘Vengeance Required’ is a Page Turning, Strong Woman Story

April 06 10:12 2021
Author and poet Alisa Murray is all set to release her brand-new book, “Vengeance Required”. The Ohio-based writer is pleased to announce that her book will be available on the 30th of April, 2021. “Vengeance Required” can be pre-ordered on Amazon and other major online platforms.

April 6, 2021 – “Vengeance Required” is centered around the life of its female protagonist, Ovasta Kaiser. A woman with a successful career and the perfect relationship with an attractive neurosurgeon, Ovasta seemingly had everything going for her. All it took was one instance that turned her entire world upside down. Becoming a victim of a heinous crime, she decided to take matters into her own hands, which led her down a dark road filled with uncertainty, danger and possibly death. 

The thrilling plot makes for the perfect mystery and thriller novel for all crime fiction lovers out there. The book guarantees to keep the reader guessing till the end. Once the reader picks up the book, Vengeance Required will pull them into a world filled with mystery they will relish on each page. 

Very suspenseful with twists that were not predictable. Maybe one day it will be a short film on the Aspire Network — all things are truly possible”, says P Michelle Brown, a fan from Cleveland, Ohio. 

If you have ever felt looked over and ignored, this is the book for you! I could relate to the heroine and her quest for personal justice”, says an impressed reader. 

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, and Alisa Murray delivers us such a woman when she brings to life the strong and no-nonsense Ovasta Kaiser. What a ride!” says another fan of the book. 

Alisa A. Murray currently lives in Northeast Ohio. She is a member of the public transportation system staff. Alisa specializes in teaching people with both mental and physical disabilities in her area how to ride public transportation.  

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