Jordan Langhorne Brings More Investors Into The Sports Card Market

April 07 13:20 2021
World-renowned sports cards collector, Jordan Langhorne, set to disrupt the global sports card market by helping more investors to get into the industry

Jordan Langhorne is undoubtedly looking to disrupt the sports card market as the African-American self-made entrepreneur continues to garner reviews from all walks of life, offering investment and market advice to interested investors. The teenager aims to share his years of expertise and experience with as many people as possible, taking them through the process he followed to make his fortune in the world of memorabilia, sports cards, trading stocks, and NBA Top Shot.

The sports memorability industry remains a major part of the collectibles market, which is currently valued at over $370 billion, according to a recent report on Forbes. The sports card and memorabilia market has continued to grow over the years as more people look to keep notable items of their favorite sports team and athlete. A recent report put the value of the market at $5.4 billion, driven by increasing demand from sports fans and collectors, even amid the pandemic. Despite the good numbers and huge potentials of the market, millions of people across the globe are yet to harness its amazing features. However, Jordan Langhorne looks set to change this narrative, exploring the market to help investors maximize the value and potentials of a card.

Jordan Langhorne aims to explore and expand the possibilities within the sports card market by challenging the status quo and is working towards becoming an inspiration to other sports card collectors across the globe. He launched his “Bay Area Sportscards” business in September of 2020 shortly after turning 18.

The California-based entrepreneur has stepped in a different direction, with his recent feats including having Jerry Rice sign his 1986 Topps rookie card, then having the card and autograph authenticated by the experts at Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). He also went ahead to get the autograph graded, receiving a perfect Gem Mint 10. The population report as of April 2021 is just under 300, which is very appealing to collectors and investors who are looking for rarer cards.

In addition to being a collector of rare sports cards, Jordan has also shown his prowess as a stock trader, as he continues to build his portfolio as an entrepreneur and investor.

For more information about Jordan Langhorne and his amazing collection of rare sports cards, please visit Instagram.

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