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April 19 11:58 2021
Alcohol, drugs & behavior disorders – Freedom from addiction & the return to a life well lived.

19 April, 2021 – Marbella, Spain – Aside from its glamourous history, Marbella is fast becoming known as a rehab and recovery hub, with one particular Marbella Rehab eclipsing the rest.

Villa Paradiso Spain, the most awarded treatment clinic in Marbella has gained international recognition as one of the top addiction treatment clinics in the World, for their phenomenal success rate and absolute focus on long term recovery.

According to Matthew Idle, Lead Therapist at Villa Paradiso Spain, “our most important mission is to deliver the very best addiction treatment programmes, that enable individuals to fully recover and live amazing lives, free from stress and the debilitating impact of alcohol, drugs and prescription medication. We also treat a wide variety of behavioral disorders including gambling addiction, videogame addiction, depression, anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD, and a range of mental health issues.”

Treatment programs at Villa Paradiso are not the same as at other Marbella Rehabs. The clinical and therapeutic addiction experts recognize that each person’s addiction is different, which means the recovery program must be tailored to fit an individual’s needs. The team at Villa Paradiso are Dual Diagnosis pioneers.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Marbella

Historically, dual diagnosis meant treating one condition before the other, and usually the addiction would be addressed before the co-occurring condition. Villa Paradiso Spain have pioneered a more structured, modern approach whereby both the addiction and co-occurring mental health issues are treated simultaneously.

Affordable Addiction Treatment in Marbella

Villa Paradiso Marbella runs an exceptional 28-day programme which starts from €18000. The clinics recovery system has a high success rate and the facility is widely recognized as one of Europe’s top Luxury Rehabs. “Villa Paradiso is a step above the typical luxury rehab centers in the area, and for the level of service and bespoke care, the fee represents exceptional value”, according to Worlds Best Rehab Magazine.

Addiction Treatment in Spain

If you or a loved one are considering addiction treatment in Spain, the country offers many positive, therapeutic advantages. For drug and alcohol rehab, Spain has the following benefits:

• high-quality treatment and care
• calm and peaceful environment
• excellent weather
• robust privacy
• affordable luxury rehab
• advanced medications
• away from the stress and triggers of home
• healthy fresh food
• access to nature

At Villa Paradiso Spain all addiction treatments are offered in English, so there is no language barrier to worry about. The clinic is situated in a magnificent, commanding position in the hills above Marbella, Spain, on the world-renowned Costa del Sol.

Villa Paradiso Rehab Specializations

• Alcohol Addiction Treatment
• Detox
• Substance Addiction
• Gambling Addiction
• Gaming Addiction
• Sex Addiction
• Prescription Medication Addiction
• Depression
• Dual Diagnosis
• Bipolar
• Anxiety

Best Addiction Treatment in Marbella

Villa Paradiso is the only luxury rehab worth considering when looking at addiction treatment in Marbella. Winners of the coveted ‘Best Rehab in Europe’ award, the rehab boasts a high success rate and a lot of that can be attributed to the one-on-one nature of the rehab center.

Villa Paradiso are known as the most caring team in addiction treatment, and all clients are offered 12 months free aftercare, where they can join online meetings and receive ongoing support to help them readjust back into life.

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