The 3 short stories about Bolts and the use of Bolts

April 19 13:10 2021

It should be familiar to all of everybody to lift screws. It is one of the most widely used and plays an important role in connection, fixation, Shengli and so on.

Someone may not agree that screws play an important role, but don’t should have heard that, to be a revolutionary screw, and need to go where someone need to go.


1、 Fatal bolts

On the afternoon of November 5, 1941, the German headquarters organized a train from Berlin to the German front line in Smolensk. The train is composed of 89 wagons. The first 16 wagons are equipped with brake fluid, and the last 73 wagons are equipped with cold proof cotton coats and boots that are urgently needed by nearly 1.6 million troops on the front line, so that the combat effectiveness can be improved in a very short time. By this time, the temperature in the outer suburbs of Moscow was several degrees below zero.

On November 12, when the military train was passing through the Dongxiao station in Minsk, the normal train suddenly ran out of the track and turned over and rushed to both sides of the railway. The train broke and changed into a crisscross train. Cotton coats and military boots also rushed from the train to both sides of the railway for several kilometers with the force of inertia. Coupled with the weather of rain and snow, the scene was in a mess.

The cause of the accident was quickly found out to be the fracture of a screw at the joint of the two rails and the prying of the rails, which led to the accident.

The accident could have been avoided. The security inspector of the former Soviet Union’s Ministry of Railways found the seriously rusted screw two years ago and asked the station to change it, otherwise there would be potential safety hazards. Thomas Wen, the railway maintainer of the station, also tried to replace it with new screws for the second time. However, due to the long time of rust, the nuts were rusted and could not be screwed, so they were not replaced in time.

After the German army occupied Minsk, the German railway department also checked out the screw which had been rusted for many years and asked to replace it. For the same reason, it was not replaced.

On December 4, the temperature in the outskirts of Moscow dropped from more than ten degrees below zero to 52 degrees below zero. Most of the German troops had no warm clothes, thousands of them were frozen to death, and countless of them were frostbitten. The terrible cold not only destroyed the soldiers’ bodies, but also made the tanks and machines stop running, the weapons failed, and the fighting power was greatly reduced. The defeat of the German army was imminent.

2、 Life saving bolts

On the contrary, on September 24, 1948, in the battle of conquering the South Tower of Jinan City in the war of liberation, our army fired a shell into the south tower, and the shell blasted Wang Erdan, a soldier of the Kuomintang garrison, from the window on the third floor. When he was throwing quickly in the air, he closed his eyes and thought that this time, he would really meet Marx. When he was completely disappointed, a screw and nail on the wall outside the first floor scratched the corner of his uniform. After hearing the long creaking sound, he fell to the ground gently.

Although his uniform was cut into pieces, he was lucky to be saved.

3、 The inspiration of bolts

These two stories, we will associate screws in our daily life will often appear. As long as we observe a little, we will find that there are rusty screws, sliding screws, loose screws and bent screws. But how many people actually handle these problematic screws properly?

If you think about it again, don’t all the employees in our company have these screws? If they are screws, there will be rusty, slippery, loose and bent screws.

1. Rusty screws

When the rusty screw appears in the team, in order to prevent the rusty surface from getting larger and larger, and then the corrosion surface from getting larger and larger, the manager should immediately take out the rusty screw, wash it with sulfuric acid water, remove the rusty point and reuse it.

If rust occurs soon after reuse, the manager should patiently take it out again, wash it with sulfuric acid water, remove the rust and use it again. 

Soon after the third use, it rusted again, indicating that the screw had cancer and could not be cured. At this time, the manager should replace it without worry, otherwise this screw will pass the cancer to other screws.

The characteristic of rusty screw is that its working ability is general, but it has a good nature, can’t listen to other people’s opinions, envies the virtuous, has a sense of responsibility and poor self-control.

In the face of colleagues who are more competent than him, they don’t study modestly. On the contrary, they think others are just like this. They also look for other people’s details everywhere and amplify and attack them. This kind of screw is superficial, lacks objectivity and justice, and has weak ability to distinguish right from wrong. It often makes a fuss or a fuss. Seeing wind is rain and making a mystery.

At the same time, eloquence, East and West parents short gossip, sow dissension, not only corrode and bewitch other screws, but also corrode and bewitch senior leaders.

2. Sliding screw 

If there is a screw with sliding thread in the team, the manager will immediately take it out, repair the place where the screw is sliding, and then put it to a suitable place for use, so that the screw will not slide again. The appearance of sliding wire is due to its weak ability, but also with the fixed force requirements, give him a big force, so there is sliding wire. 

Slide screw is characterized by general ability, clear about their own strengths, good executive ability, open-minded learning, listening to criticism and opinions. But the toughness is not enough, the opinion is not enough, and people often follow suit. It is most likely to be corroded or bewitched by rusty screws.

If the slide screw is placed in a position suitable for his own ability and a good assessment system is established, it can play a role of fixation and vitality. Slide screw belongs to the generation of virtue without talent, good training and management supervision, can contribute to the company’s strategy.

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