The Divorce Cloud – A Consolidated Knowledge and Resource Center on Divorce and Separation

May 03 17:12 2021
A comprehensive resource about family law and divorce is just a click away

Virginia, USA – The complete legal guide, The Divorce Cloud LLC covers a wide range of latest information and tools on divorce and separation, family law, uncontested vs. contested divorce procedures, and child custody in clear, concise, and easy to understand language. Apart from the legal aspects, the all-inclusive guide also presents resources that share knowledge on a variety of topics one should be aware of when stepping out from marriage and beginning a new life  after divorce.

Divorce  can have devastating implications on the financial, social, and personal lives of involved parties during the dissolution  of a marriage. Depending on the nature of the divorce, it could affect the mental and even physical health of the main two parties and invested third parties such as children, the extended families, and friends. Thus, one intending to file for divorce or legally separate from their life partner must be fully aware of the complications, drawbacks, solutions, best practices, coping mechanisms, tools, and aids available to mitigate any issues that could arise.  

In addition to the comprehensive resources available, The Divorce Cloud is rolling out a tool that provides  step-by-step instructions and guidance along with all the legal forms needed for the user to successfully file for an uncontested divorce themselves saving thousands of dollars on legal fees.  They even offer resources to connect users with licensed attorneys who are willing answer specific questions about their case on an as-needed basis, without requiring a full-commitment to the attorney.  This tool is currently only available in Virginia, but The Divorce Cloud plans on offering similar tools for users in other states in the near future. The website not only offers 360-degree coverage of the divorce and separation process, but also takes a holistic approach to divorce, by offering resources ranging from finding marriage counselors, mediators and co-parenting tools, to considerations regarding, different types of child custody agreements, how to reach a custody agreement, child support related issues, and guidelines, and resources that could offer emotional consolation during this difficult period in life so that everyone who intends to go through a divorce has the legal and mental support they need to overcome future obstacles.

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