Kim in Kona’s ‘Kālā Instagram Strategies’ Comes at Perfect Time for Monetizing Huge Social Media Network

May 27 22:08 2021
Kim in Kona helps clients properly leverage Instagram for growth.

Kim in Kona is helping entrepreneurs, influencers, and anyone with a product or service to market take advantage of the opportunities offered by Instagram. It’s through her new course, ‘Kālā Instagram Strategies’, that Kimberly Magerl is helping clients reach perhaps more organic traffic than ever and experience exciting new growth.

By leveraging Instagram using the right strategies, her clients are growing followers and earning income doing what they love.

Magerl helps her clients get the most from their online presences with tools and courses that help them learn to grow leads, create automated email funnels, monetize social media, and create and launch digital products. She does all of this with what she calls the “aloha way”, which is inspired by the beautiful culture of her home in Hawaii. Kim in Kona courses include ‘Marketing with Aloha’, ‘Puka Products’, ‘Free Business Planning with Aloha’, and the newly debuted ‘Kālā Instagram Strategies’.

In the new course, users learn to harness the full potential of Instagram with a blueprint for success that teaches how to scale income, grow followers, and increase business while learning profile optimization, content creation skills, organic growth strategies, how to get the most from analytics, and monetization strategies. All of these skills come together to help students of the course get the most from Instagram and to work with intent and purpose.

Statistics clearly show that Instagram is a major player in marketing. As it stands, there are more than 1 billion Instagram users around the world. These users spend an average of 53 minutes on the platform each day. Instagram is now the second ranked social media network in terms of active users, and when used appropriately, it can be a wonderful vehicle for growing a business.

While many businesses are on Instagram, only the ones with the right strategies will prevail in truly getting the full benefits the platform has to offer.

Anyone looking to grow on Instagram can sign up for ‘Kālā Instagram Strategies’ now at the Kim in Kona. Entrepreneurs, influencers, and marketers alike are also invited to check out the other courses and services offered. To get started, ‘Business Planning with Aloha’ can be downloaded for free. Then, ‘Puka Products’ can be used for creating and scaling digital products and growing an email list. ‘Marketing with Aloha’ shows how to automate marketing.

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Kim in Kona teaches clients how to grow leads and create automated email funnels, monetize social media, and successfully create and launch digital products the aloha way.

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