Kwasi Aggor On Why EdTech is the future of the Education Industry

May 31 09:10 2021
Kwasi Aggor On Why EdTech is the future of the Education Industry

The global Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated some major shifts that were already taking place around the world. One of the major changes has been the push towards getting more and more businesses onto digital platforms.

It is no different for the education industry. According to Kwasi Aggor, who works in the EdTech industry, the education sector has been very receptive towards the move towards digital platforms.

“Our schools have shown immense dedication in their effort to quickly adopt the recent technological advances.”

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, governments across the world announced complete lockdowns. Kwasi Aggor thinks that this has accelerated the need to shift away from the traditional towards more tech centric, digital forms of education and learning. 

“Such a change has marked one of the most drastic developments in the history of the education world”, says Aggor. 

Kwasi Aggor believes that the capability of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate communication, queries, feedback, evaluation, and progress improves the overall experience of teachers as well as students.

“EdTech has provided the education sector with interactive learning platforms that can enable educators to expand the domain of classroom learning.”

Aggor contends that teachers can now bring historical figures to life or simulate the business world in learning spaces, making learning fun and interesting for students.

Until recently, it was a popularly held belief that devices such as mobile phones and laptops could be the cause of disruption in a student’s life. EdTech is changing that perception by leveraging mobile devices and other gadgets to deliver and assess learning.

These apps can also be used to conduct tests, assign work and submit assignments, and even assess the delivery and understanding of individual students.

Kwasi Aggor says, “Classrooms will become more interactive, and students will get opportunities to engage better with the domains of their choice.”

Aggor believes that the introduction of EdTech in educational institutions will drastically change the classroom environment. He thinks that in the coming years, education institutions will evolve to accommodate and expand the existing technology.

“I think that the landscape of education has changed drastically worldwide, especially since 2020. Education powered by technology as an enabler is becoming more multifaceted, flexible, inclusive, and affordable”, he adds. 

Although 2020 was a milestone year in EdTech, Aggor thinks that the coming years will define the future for EdTech as education coupled with technology gradually becomes the new normal across the globe.

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