“If Jimmy Kimmel Can Talk About Optimism So Can I”, Says Optimism Expert And LifeStyle Coach, Nadia Rougier

June 10 10:52 2021
"If Jimmy Kimmel Can Talk About Optimism So Can I", Says Optimism Expert And LifeStyle Coach, Nadia Rougier

Optimism expert and LifeStyle Coach, Nadia Rougier throws more light on optimism with her Five Master Principles following Jimmy Kimmel’s optimism talk on his Live show. In the last episode of his show, the talk show host addressed the resurgence of optimism in America. “I’ll tell you something. Here in the United States, things are really looking up,” he said. “There’s a new sense of optimism the likes of which [has] not been felt in quite some time.” This comes after an ABC poll revealed that Americans are now more hopeful than they have ever been in 15 years.

In light of this, Nadia Rougier who has been a teacher of optimism and how it will change the world. She shared her Five Master Principles of Optimism as a means to elevate human life. These principles are ‘No negative thinking allowed,’ ‘Accountability is key,’ ‘Determining to stay focused on the positive,’ ‘Invite others into your positive zip code’ and ‘Always share a smile.’ The Five Master Principles allows one to reprogram how they think, feel and act by developing positive behaviors that produce optimistic outcomes. Nadia Rougier just like everyone else shares the opinion that life doesn’t go easy on anyone and some people do not get as lucky as others. On the other hand, she also strongly believes that in spite of all of it, everyone has the opportunity to make something out of their hardships and give meaning to each day.

As a Senior Classification officer, cancer survivor, and post-divorce thriver, Nadia has firsthand knowledge on what it means to get knocked down. She also knows what is required to get back up and keep going. With this knowledge, she has been able to develop a unique program to help people cultivate beliefs and habits that restore optimism and resilience. The program referred to as the Sérénité Steps developed over the past 20 years teaches essential actions to be taken to get to a place that gives peace of mind. Her methodology is grounded in hard-won lessons that helped her navigate some of life’s most challenging hardships. Today, her life’s purpose is to ensure that those lessons live on beyond herself. 

According to Nadia Rougier, ‘‘Optimism is a muscle, work it out by being positive.’’ As the founder of Sérénité Plus, her vision is to promote a culture of optimistic thinking where optimism becomes a lifestyle that is created every day in the lives of many people. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, equip and eventually bring optimistic impact.

For more information, please visit, www.sereniteplus.com, or sereniteplus7@gmail.com

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