New book by Boston logician-author Alexander Odilon Ngu sheds light on a new theory of everything

June 22 00:03 2021
“Intelligence Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory” proposes a comprehensive intelligence theory that unifies all intelligent forms of interactions

Boston, Massachusetts – June 21, 2021 – There are certain concepts that have always evoked a never-ending series of questions and debates and one of them is the notion of intelligence. In that light,  Cameroonian-born logician Alexander Odilon Ngu has recently released his new book which brings to light a holistic theory of intelligence. Titled “Intelligence Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory”, the book aims to answer the age-old questions about the definition of intelligence and the scope of intelligence systems.

“Intelligence Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory” has been published by New Globe Utopia and is also available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback versions. The book is especially intended for teens aged between 12-18 years as well as adults.

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the release of my latest book ‘Intelligence Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory’. I wanted to write a book on the basic rules of how all systems work, so that I can always remind myself of the rules and never forget them. And that inspired me to come up with my latest work. My work is usually an amalgamation of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Art and you will find the same ethos in this book as well”, stated Alexander Odilon Ngu. 

Alexander’s latest book defines the unified theory of intelligence as a concept where all kinds of intelligent systems are merged together to create a universal philosophical framework. This unified Intelligence Theory focuses on incompleteness theorems of the great Gödel and couples them with geometric unity to create a rational and standard definition of intelligence. 

Speaking on, the author stressed he has strived to extend a “completely incomplete” analysis of the emergence of the fundamental concepts of intelligence, intelligent interactions and intelligence systems through the new book.

While asked about what motivated him to write the book, the author mentioned his desire to write a book for his younger self. 

“If you ask me about the motivation behind the book, well, I must say, I have long wanted to write a book for my younger self. I wanted to offer him a blueprint of how systems interact universally and how people should interact with their environment and each other. We don’t get  to develop such knowledge when we are younger, say in our teens. And that’s why we tend to make many unintelligent decisions. Over the years, I have gathered a lot on the most appropriate form of interaction with one another and the surroundings and I wish to pass that on to young guys and girls through this book.” 

About the author 

Alexander Odilon Ngu is a Cameroonian-born logician who is currently based in Boston. A polymath, his vast knowledge scope spans across a wide range of domains, especially mathematics, philosophy and arts. He is also an author and has published 3 works till date. He has even founded a publishing house called “New Globe Utopia” which aims to develop tools to help adopt an intelligence-driven approach to navigate uncertain times. 

For more information or to purchase the book, please visit Amazon or or NewGlobeUtopia.

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