Can’t de-scribe the excitement… Presenting Budding Writers recognized by FanatiXx Spectrum Awards

June 21 23:18 2021
Can't de-scribe the excitement... Presenting Budding Writers recognized by FanatiXx Spectrum Awards

FanatiXx Spectrum Awards
“Give them the right push and they will outshine with their talent” ~ says Neharika Bhatia | Editor In Chief at FanatiXx Spectrum Awards.

With their impressive writing skills and talent, here we have few awardees for the Spectrum Budding Writer Award by FanatiXx Spectrum Awards.

Reeswali Naik shares ‘Memories’ through her poem:

“Some things just come and go
But not the MEMORIES

Some are sweet, some haunted
But still they stay with us

The hidden mean in them is sometimes shown
Which may drive us crazy

The good ones are always counted
And the bad ones tossed

But still they are a part of us
And we should accept this without a fuss

No matter what they will be there
Keeping them or tossing away is our share.”

– @reeswali

Shubhang Dubey on his journey as a writer:

“I’ve been writing for five years now and in these five years, I’ve found myself on a plethora of stages. From being the only English poet in a Hindi Publication to being published in three anthologies in the span of six months in 2020, it’s been quite a journey. I even found myself as the coordinator for my department’s literary club. I attribute these milestones to the art of literature and my love for it.” – @poseidonpoetry

Sananda Bhattacharjee shares their experience:

“This is really a privilege and honor to receive the FanatiXx Spectrun Budding Writers Award. Being a non writer by profession, Spectrum Thoughts has been my first platform which recognized my work as a writer and today, receiving a laurel from FanatiXx Spectrum Awards feels like a cheery on the cake. I am extremely grateful to the FanatiXx Spectrum Awards for recognizing and helping me grow as a writer.” – @s_a_n_a_n_d_a

Roque Jessica on her journey of achievements:

“Achievement isn’t pleasure to hear this word. I do because the hobby of writing poem which made me to consume writing as my passion the whole is a kinda achievement. From the day of published writer to the day when I become a Founder of a publication house which was running successfully for 2 months is a part of my achievement. These all happened within a year. It was a great achievement.” – @_anroje_pen

Swetha S sharing their gratitude:

“First of all I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for giving me such an opportunity. I am really elated to be featured for being Awarded the Spectrum Budding Writer Award 2021. This award has encouraged me and made me recognized in this world. I am motivated to contribute to the society through my writings. I wish that this award will be great milestone to my career as a writer.” – @swwet96swe

Dinakaran.K.P shares few motivating words on life:

“Just think a minute, -K.P.Dinakaran. Life has many turn in that we can’t determine what will happen it may be a undesirable or desirable one. But how ever we need to accept it. It will based fate. But we fail to accept it, fate is based on our past actions from your life or in your past birth. But depending only on that is useless. Do your activities as fundamental of your life.” – @dinakaran541

“Give them the right push and they will outshine with their talent” ~ says Neharika Bhatia | Editor In Chief at FanatiXx Spectrum Awards.

Last but not the least, FanatiXx Spectrum Awards was formed with a single purpose, to recognise and motivate people so they can do the same for others.

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