BeeScanning helps beekeepers find varroa mites and sick brood with their smartphone cameras

June 22 19:34 2021

Over the last 12 months, the BeeScanning bee-health app has been used to analyze more than 24 million bees in 80000 hives across the globe for varroa mites. Now, the Swedish startup launches new AI-functionality giving beekeepers the possibility to also detect sick brood and brood disorders.

“Our one-of-a-kind varroa mite-finding AI has been trained on American and European foul brood, chalk- and sack brood and deformed and uncovered cell lids” says BeeScanning founder and CEO Björn Lagerman. As a beekeeper it is vital to quickly and accurately identify sick brood and brood disorders. Early detection is important to reduce the risk of spread between the hives and regular monitoring of colony strength, pests and diseases is a vital element of successful beekeeping. 

The BeeScanning method is both user friendly and bee-friendly and saves time for beekeepers. Since the technology is developed for smartphones, there is no need to invest in expensive equipment. Beekeepers simply photograph bees on the comb, press scan and the images are instantly analyzed on the BeeScanning servers. Analyzing is done by artificial intelligence in neural networks, with deep learning technology. Beekeepers can then use the results to determine the need for treatment, fast, easy and reliable. 

“Every uploaded image and completed analysis help to improve our AI further. The more beekeepers that use BeeScanning, the better the tool becomes at finding threats, reduce bee mortality and improve bee health”, says Lagerman. “Your next BeeScan will make a difference for bees everywhere. This is a fast, reliable and bee-friendly way to analyze the health of your bees”.

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