Business Texting – Better Deliverability with Textdrip

August 02 11:12 2021
Textdrip is an American company that provides professional business texting services. The brand offers reliable communication channels at very approachable prices.

Despite the massive popularity of social media, recent studies have shown that 33% of adults prefer texting over other forms of communication, mainly because it is simpler, quicker, and not conditioned by access to the internet. 

Textdrip offers straightforward features, such as automatic responses to certain keywords and the acclaimed Drip Campaign – a tool that allows business owners to send text messages at specified times automatically. 

The Textdrip platform is meant to help businesses adhere to 10DLC rules and regulations while offering superior deliverability of messages. 

In addition to reliability and deliverability, Textdrip services offer superb reliability as well. The services are subscription-based and are available at very approachable prices. Textdrip app is also supported by iOS and Android smartphones. The intuitive, highly responsive design of the application makes texting simple and quick. 

The web app offers real-time messaging, supports push notifications, and is always in sync with the mobile app version of Textdrip. 

Textdrip also wants to educate its customers about the basics and some lesser-known facts regarding texting; more information about these topics can be found in Textdrip’s Articles section.

The brand was met with positive feedback from hundreds of customers worldwide who shared their experiences on various reviewing platforms, such as Software Advice, Capterra, and Google Play Store. 

Donald Silva praised the app’s practicality and ease of use in his review on Google Play Store, stating:

“Brilliant app. I was searching for a Bulk SMS apps but found this after long. This is the best app in the market. You may face difficulties in the beginning but read the help option on the app. Wow, this is what I needed. Thank you for this app. It’s very useful for me to send bulk SMS.”

Nicole E. posted her review on Textdrip’s official website, stating:

“I can have Textdrip on my phone and be logged in to reach out or respond to customers anytime, but I can log off and disconnect just as easily. The software is so easy to use and navigate, I love it.”

Alicia C. described Textdrip as ‘Great Value and User Friendly’. The summary of her review on Capterra is as follows:

“I’ve been utilizing Textdrip for about a month. I’ve had excellent results. Setting up drips and auto-responses greatly reduces the time wasted doing this manually. I like the ease of use and how simple it is to set up and integrate with my CRM.”

The vast majority of satisfied customers have praised Textdrip’s prices and affordability. All customers will be able to use Textdrip services for $0.50 during the first week receiving 1,000 messages, after which the subscription costs $10 per month + $0.012 per outbound text while inbound texts are free.  

More information on Textdrip can be found on the brand’s official website.

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