GSWF Brings Paint Protection Film to a New Era

September 13 11:51 2021
GSWF’s largest, and constantly growing product portfolio is changing the PPF game.

A car is one of the first big purchases a person makes in their lifetime. It only makes sense to want to invest in its protection and keep it looking and functioning at its best for as long as possible.

One of the ways to invest in a car’s future is to cover it in paint protection film (or PPF). PPF is a very thin, flexible material made from polyurethane. It is applied to protect a car’s paint and body panels from scratches and knicks from road debris, flying rocks, and other stray objects. It could also protect against UV exposure and chemicals.

Unfortunately, some poor-quality PPFs are not durable enough to protect against chips and scratches. Some become sticky when penetrated by water. Some low-quality films also begin to turn yellow and bubble as time goes by. Others do not protect against acid rain damage or heat and oxygen, which causes oxidation.

Here is where GSWF comes in. GSWF offers the largest collection of PPF in the world, boasting 37 PPF options, including 26 Infused Color PPFs, 5 Clear PPF options including clear gloss, satin, and matte, as well as a PPF collection for headlights and sunroofs.

More than their extensive PPF line range, GSWF’s PPF line is the best in the market. They have laboratories in Germany, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Singapore that are committed to meticulous research and rigorous development process to ensure the quality of GSWF’s products. The result is a game-changing PPF line that is unmatched in terms of clarity, elasticity, and top-coat technology. GSWF’s PPF line is the clearest one available in the market. Their PFF offers mirror-like gloss, and none of the puckered and orange peel-textured look of its competitors. GSWF’s PPFs can be stretched to the limits without being marred by stretch lines. Their top-coat technology does not recede or pull back after being stretched, essentially doing away with frequent touch-ups and saving car owners a ton of money.

This level of quality extends to GSWF’s constantly growing line of Infused Color PPFs, essentially solving the problem of choosing between color change and protection.

GSWF stays on top of the game and ensures that product demands are met with its innovative manufacturing facility that combines German and Japanese technologies to create trailblazing machinery that yields an impressive 1.5 million meters per month output capacity without sacrificing quality.

GSFW also offers industry-leading warranties that could last up to a lifetime. To browse, shop, and know more about GSWF’s PPF collections, visit

About GSWF

GSWF is a global manufacturer of market-best PPFs. Their product line is among the most extensive in the industry with top-quality Clear High-Gloss, Satin, and Matte PPFs, a game-changing, 27-strong Infused Color PPF collection, and a growing headlight and tail light PPF line.

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